Just like other popular gift card types, iTunes gift cards can be sold on various online platforms. This, really, is exciting to know but unfortunately, there’s the likelihood of bumping into fraudulent individuals parading themselves as buyers.

Based on findings, such individuals are only looking to rub you of your cards while certain other people could be keen on pitching ridiculously low prices for your gift cards.

To aid your search for where to sell iTunes gift cards, this post provides you with well-written information on the top 6 sites for selling iTunes gift cards in Nigeria. The post further exposes you to the essential things you should know about gift cards in general.

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Top 6 Sites Where You Can Sell iTunes Gift Cards in Nigeria


Image result for Walmartcarding

This, unarguably, is one of the most-trusted websites you can find out there for exchanging your iTunes gift card for cash. Walmartcarding is trustworthy probably because it is duly registered under US’ Walmart Store Corp Limited.

Besides its assurance of a reliable avenue for selling your iTunes gift card, this website guarantees excellent rates for gift card exchange. This simply means that on Walmartcarding, you can expect to trade your iTunes gift card for cash at a beneficial rate. While Walmartcarding lets you exchange your gift card for naira and cedis, the website further offers you the benefit of trading the card for bitcoins.


Image result for Omegaverified

This website is another reliable online platform for the sale of iTunes gift cards in return for cash. Prettily, Omegaverified helps you get legitimate buyers for a variety of gift cards including Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, JC Penny gift cards, Steam gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Sephora gift cards, etc.

Reliability is certainly something you’d like about Omegaverified but again, you could be excited to also learn that the site lets you trade your gift cards for cash in various currencies including INR, cedis and naira. Other notable payment forms supported on Omegaverified include Bitcoin, PayPal, Momo and RMB.


Image result for Dollarcarding

Based on findings, Dollarcarding is one of the best websites for gift card selling in terms of responsiveness and trading mechanism. On the one hand, the website boasts a highly responsive customer service unit, ensuring that you get quick attention in times of complaints. Dollarcarding, on the other hand, guarantees a simple trading mechanism with a boast of speedy trading.

In addition to helping you sell your iTune gift cards and other varieties of gift cards, Dollarcarding lets you trade in bitcoins without any hassle. If you dearly crave responsiveness and reliability for your gift card selling in Nigeria, Dollarcarding is probably one of the best websites for you.


Image result for Sellcardsbitcoins

If you’re a Nigerian looking for the go-to platform for trading in bitcoins and gift cards, Sellcardsbitcoins is likely a pretty option for you. One thing you’re certain to admire this website for is its simple trading mechanism.

But sincerely, you should admire the site’s other excellent qualities such as the broad variety of supported gift cards and the offering of excellent exchange rates for the cards. Using Sellcardsbitcoins, you have the chance of trading in various sorts of gift cards including eBay gift cards, Sephora gift cards, Walmart gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards and certain others.



You may not have heard of Climaxcardings (as one of the trusted online platforms for Nigerians looking to sell their iTunes gift cards) but certainly, it is one of the best websites of its kind. On the one hand, Climaxcardings appears as an an easy-to-peruse website courtesy of the site’s exclusive and intuitive layout. Cimaxcardings, on the other hand, boasts excellent exchange rates that compete fairly with those of the other sites in this post.


Other qualities which give Climaxcardings a competitive advantage in the gift cards industry are its excellent security and the guarantee of instant payment.

6.InformationNGR Exchange

This is certainly another reliable platform for selling your iTunes gift card in Nigeria. Broadly, InformationNGR is well suited for buying and selling gift cards and some of the gift cards traded on the platform include iTunes gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Amazon gift cards and Steam Wallet gift cards.

InformationNGR does offer beneficial rates for gift card selling but what should interest you most about the platform is its assurance of optimum security and freedom from gift card scams. This security assurance is all attributable to the two-way encryption mode adopted by InformationNGR.

InformationNGR brags about having the “fastest payout in Nigeria” in terms of gift card selling. While this means that the website pays you in time for your sold gift cards, you should be well excited to learn that InformationNGR offers a mobile app. Favourably, the app is an easy-to-use software tool which can be downloaded on iOS and Android device platforms.

Essential Things You Should Know about Gift Cards

Gift cards are valuable cards obtainable from banks, stores and high-profile retailers. As valuable items, the cards are meant to function in place of physical money for making purchases. Gift cards are otherwise called gift tokens, gift vouchers or gift certificates and they may serve as prepaid money cards for performing transactions at specific stores.

Gift cards are offered by various high-profile companies. If you happen to have heard of other types of gift cards (in addition to iTunes gift cards), chances are that you’re slightly familiar with Amazon gift cards.

Well, Amazon gift cards constitute the store cards that many people would be willing to buy. One great reason for this is that Amazon is a highly reputable e-commerce site and so, the site’s gift card is worthy of reckoning among the world’s most popular gift card types.

Selling Isn’t the Only Way to Monetize Your Gift Card

There isn’t any need stressing that selling your gift card could be your best bet at monetizing the card. However, the idea of gift card selling may prove delicate as certain people are keen to defraud you of the card or persuade you to sell it at a ridiculously low price. You’ll likely find willing buyers on Instagram, Facebook, OLX and eBay but unfortunately, some of them might be scammers looking to dispossess you of your card.

Due to the underlying risk of selling your gift card on the aforementioned platforms, you may want to exchange the card for Skrill/PayPal funds, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Gift Cards Come in Categories

Gift cards can be found in various types but essentially, all types of gift cards fall under any of two categories namely (i) store cards, and (ii) cash cards

  • Store cards: These are well-known gift cards specifically offered by certain companies. Examples of store cards are Amazon gift cards and iTunes gift cards. While such cards usually have a validity period ranging between 30 and 90 days, it’s notable that they’re offered along with better customized gifts.
  • Cash cards: These are gift cards well admired for their extended degree of flexibility. Considered easily exchangeable gift cards (in return for cash), cash cards are sponsored by such notable companies as Discover, American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Interestingly, the cards are supported across many platforms for purchase purposes.

Most Gift Cards Require Activation

Frankly, activation is required for many (or majority) of the gift cards out there before such cards can prove useful. After ordering or purchasing a gift card, you may comply with the steps below to activate the card:

  1. You’ll have to fetch the card’s activation number. This number lies beneath a sticker on the card
  2. Having removed the sticker, you should proceed to activating the gift card. You can do this by either putting a call to the provided phone number or visiting the URL. You’ll eventually have to input the card details (activation code and identification number)

Gift Card Scams Truly Exist

Gift card scams are true to life just as the reality of crypto scams stares at us. Such scams are carried out in various ways and one common way is that of individuals parading themselves as gift card retailers.

Such people hide under the pretext of “being gift card retailers” to persuade you to make an advance payment. You’ll realize that you’ve been scammed when you notice the scammer’s failure to send you a gift card. Instead, the scammer blocks you so that you’re unable to message them again.

To avoid gift card scams, it’s advisable that if you must purchase the cards, you should do so on a reliable platform.

Gift Cards Are Beneficial in Several Ways

If you find out the decent number of benefits associated with gift cards, you may want to substitute the cards for your use of credit cards. Essentially, gift cards facilitate online payments and here are the proven benefits of the cards:

  1. Gift cards avail buyers the opportunity of getting excellent deals
  2. Gift cards increase in value when they are redeemed
  3. Gift cards are essential to banks and credit card companies because they charge merchant fees for shoppers’ redemption of the cards
  4. Stores make advance revenue through the sale of gift cards


Gift cards, without excepting iTunes gift cards, are great store-value cards one can use for online payments across several high-profile stores. While such cards can be alternatively exchanged for cash, it behoves anyone willing to sell their gift cards to find out the trusted platforms for doing so.


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