Achieving a larger hip can really take a long time but I can assure you the result will keep you amazed all you need is patience.
Most of our celebrities do undergo different type of surgeries just to enhance and enlarge their hips, which will all know the risks involved and also the cost of undergoing such proceedures.

In today’s article I’m going to teach you all on how to enlarge your hips naturally without any side effects involved, trust me this really works.

All your hips needs is Vitamin A which is a rapid collagen booster, when the collagen around the hip is boosted you will find your hips taking a wonderful shape, firm and enlarged and the essential oils to be used to achieve this aim extremely rich in vitamin A, like I said previously this won’t happen over night you have to give it some time and excercise some patience.

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Now let’s go straight to business
In other to achieve this result I’m going to introduce you guys to powerful essential oils that can help you achieve your aims they are below:


2TBSP Rosehip oil
5 drop cypress oil
5 drop geranium oil
3 drop Frankincense oil
3 drop Fenugreek oil

Mix all oils together and store in a dark coloured glass container use twices
daily morning and night

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