What is SEO?
SEO is called “Search Engine Optimization”
This is the process by which your blog’s post or blog’s URL is exposed to new individuals or visitors, without any referral links involved, this process is called “Organic traffic”.

What do we mean by organic traffic?
This is is a process where by your blog’s posts/contents/articles are being discovered by visitors and individuals naturally, without sharing your blog’s URL link.
This happens when people search for contents on google,and Google will simply direct them to your blog, and this will only happen if google have indexed your blog’s articles or post.

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Most bloggers experience bad SEO due to many reasons.

In this very article you all are going to learn how to improve and enhance your blogs SEO exposing your contents and posts to search engines for proper indexing.



01. Pick the correct URL

Prior to your site goes live, you have to choose a URL. Otherwise called your website’s name, the address guests will type in to discover your site. Like the mammoth sign over a retail facade window, it’s one of the primary things guests see when they go to your site.
This helps Google to comprehend what your site is about and choose how to rank it. It’s likewise critical to ensure your URLs are perfect and excellent. This implies no uncommon characters, no hashbangs, no page ID. You get the point.

The perfect space will incorporate your business name and maybe a watchword or two that are important to your business. For instance, in the event that you are a temporary worker, you should need to buy an area/domain name like

02. Make titles and description for each page

Did you realize that you can compose an interesting title and depiction/description for each page on your site? These are brief messages that precisely and unmistakably depict what your business does.

This will enable google’s spider crawlers to index your webpage, as the titles and description are the first thing the google fetches when ever a keyword is typed in google.

03. Add alt content to every one of your pictures

Web indexes are extraordinary at perusing content on your site, yet despite everything they haven’t exactly made sense of what to look like at the pictures on your webpage. To comprehend what’s shown in a photograph or realistic, web search tools search for “alt message,” a succinct composed depiction/description (only a couple of words) about each picture on a site. When composing alt content, make certain to precisely portray what is appeared in the picture, yet in addition attempt to incorporate the name of your business or a couple of watchwords identified with what you do.

04. Give your site structure with the correct headers

Each page on your site ought to have a title, a subtitle et cetera. At the point when web crawlers check your site, they’ll comprehend your substance better in the event that you clarify them the content pecking order. The most applicable part is the title of your page and you ought to characterize it as H1 (in the Text’s Editor). The clearer your content structure is, the simpler web search tools will process your website’s substance.

05. Include Sharing Buttons/Share Buttons

Including social catches/buttons prompts sharing, which enhances the appropriation or your substance/posts crosswise over social stages. Sharing can likewise help open your substance to new gatherings of people and audience.

From a SEO point of view, getting your substance shared improves the probability of notices and connections. Likewise sharing enables your substance to get found speedier/faster; and the faster it’s discovered, the sooner it appears in the list of google indexed articles.

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