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Welcome to  mitrobe network. In today’s guide, I am going to show you the step by step procedure to create  and easily open a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria.

If you are looking for how to create a Lesotho PayPal account that you can use to withdraw to a Nigerian Bank, then you are in the right place. In this article,  you will learn how to open Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria. If you’re searching for ways to create a UAE paypal, kindly go here. I can also reiterate publicly that having a UAE PayPal account is unarguably one of the surest ways you can edge past the restrictions associated with a Nigerian PayPal account.

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In this guide, you will also learn the process of withdrawing PayPal funds to your Nigeria Bank, and this goes without saying that this information is in very high demand and you will be among the select few fortunate enough to get it on this site for free.

Lesotho PayPal is one of the most widely created PayPal accounts in Nigeria commonly used by affiliate marketers, bloggers, and freelancers.

It doesn’t require certain difficulties or simply the use of VPN in contrast to opening a USA or UK PayPal account.

What Are the Benefits of Using  Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria?

PayPal has been labeled, by some Nigerians, as being unfair probably because there are stringent restrictions on Nigerian PayPal accounts. In spite of these restrictions, Nigerian PayPal account holders are able to enjoy some of the benefits characteristic of U.S. and Canadian PayPal accounts. Just as applicable to other countries’ PayPal, here are the benefits of Nigerian PayPal:

Account creation comes at no cost –you are not charged any service fee for creating a PayPal account in Nigeria. However, you’ll be charged a relatively trifling amount of money for linking a debit or credit card to your PayPal account.

Possibility of linking multiple cards to your account –this is another benefit which means that PayPal permits you to tie as many as available debit/credit cards to your PayPal account.

No restriction on payments to foreign destinations –although there are a number of stringent restrictions on Nigerian PayPal accounts, PayPal users in Nigeria are allowed to make payment to foreign merchants for services and goods purchased, rendered or shipped to Nigeria.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using PayPal in Nigeria?

Nigerians, unlike the PayPal users in several other countries, encounter restrictions in their use of PayPal. In other words, using PayPal in Nigeria comes with limitations as PayPal denies Nigeria the unlimited access that many other countries enjoy. If you have a paramount need to use PayPal and would like to create a Nigerian PayPal account, you should be well informed about the associated limitations on your PayPal access.

Needless to say, people in the U.S., Canada and many other countries enjoy full access to all of PayPal’s functions but same cannot be said for Nigerians. Some Nigerians have lodged complaints about this, urging PayPal to allow them full access but it doesn’t seem PayPal will accede to their demand anytime soon. Therefore, below are the limitations you should bear in mind before creating a PayPal account in Nigeria:

Zero assurance of account retrieval –this happens to be the chief limitation on a typical Nigerian PayPal account. If you’re using a Nigerian PayPal account, you have to be extremely cautious as it is practically impossible to recover the account in the event of suspension.

You cannot hold more than one account –if you’re opening a PayPal account in Nigeria, you have to be aware of the fact that no one person (in Nigeria) is allowed to hold two or more accounts.

Unavailable to people below 18 –if you’re below 18 years of age, it will be difficult for you to create a PayPal account in Nigeria.

No chance for receiving funds –this is a critical limitation you should bear in mind as PayPal prohibits Nigerians from using its payment platform to receive funds (from other people). Holders of Nigerian PayPal accounts are only allowed to link their credit/debit cards to the accounts in order to pay for goods/services.

Why do you need to create a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria:

Except you are  new to online payment platforms and online payment systems in Nigeria especially with Paypal, you would have known that Nigerians PayPal cannot receive funding or any sort of payment be it legal or illegal. You can only load money with your card and use it to pay for services or to shop online.

Difference Between Lesotho and South Africa PayPal:

The only differences has to do with the mode of withdrawal in Nigeria.  They have an entirely different method of withdrawing funds to a Nigeria bank account.

You can withdraw paypal funds via payoneer if you are using South Africa PayPal and withdrawing using the visa card method can only work with Lesotho, Morocco and UEA PayPal accounts.

1st Steps on How to open Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria

Requirements needed on How to open Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria are:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Government Issued Document, eg. Your National ID, Driver’s License or International Passport.
  4. Phone Number
  5. Address

Without any further delay, let get started.

  • Visit or copy and paste this link in your browser.
  • Click on Signup and then select ‘Business account’, because that is the account that has the full PayPal features you’ll need. Click on Signup and then select ‘business account’ on the next page.
  •  Enter your email address on the next page.
  • Then enter your personal information.
  • Enter your strong password.
  • On the business information area, where asked for legal names enter your first name and last name there, in the business name you can use any business name you want, it doesn’t have to be registered.
  • For telephone number, click the drop-down option from Lesotho and change it to Nigeria, which is 234 then enter your mobile number there, omitting the very first zero that start the number, for instance instead of 08037000000, use 8037000000.
  • Then you enter your address and the next is to select the currency (USD) you want the PayPal to use, then agree and continue.
  • After this you will be taken to the next page which is the tell us about your business page where you will be requested to write little about what type of business. Just select ‘individual’ and then select anything a category and subcategory here and proceed you can omit the URL option and leave blank.
  • Click the ‘continue button’ and you will be taken to account holder information page where you are required to provide an identification document (ID) for verification. Put in Nigeria as your nationality, select the document you wish to use and enter the corresponding details there.
    While this is not usually authenticated and you can use whatever details you want it is best to use accurate details for future reference.
  • So next is to click on the submit button in the above image. When you do that, you will “Thank you” page as shown below asking you to confirm your email address to activate your account and set up your payment.

Congratulations you have successfully signed up. You now need to check your email and verify your account creation by clicking the link on the email PayPal sent.

Meanwhile, check on How to get a UBA Africard, I love that prepaid card so much so I suggest you get one too, it is best for online transactions. Over the years, PayPal has been a widely used medium for international transactions and it is reckonable that different PayPal types offer varying degrees of security, convenience and quality.

Therefore, one important thing is to consider a PayPal account with less risk while another is to prioritize a PayPal account that guarantees convenient transactions. Quite frankly, dozens of Nigerians have groused about the high security risk of US PayPal and as such, it’s essential to consider a reliable PayPal alternative. Verily, Lesotho PayPal is one of such reliable alternatives to US PayPal and in this article, you’ll find out the reasons for this as well as the simple steps for creating a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria.  

Why You Should Favour Lesotho PayPal above US PayPal

US PayPal is pretty good but quite unfortunately, it is associated with a high risk of fund loss. Only a single mistake can cause a Nigerian holder of US PayPal account to lose their money.

Also, the likelihood of retrieving a US PayPal account (following an instance of deactivation) is very low, making many Nigerians have misgivings against US PayPal. Unlike US PayPal accounts, Lesotho PayPal accounts guarantee Nigerians the optimum assurance of retrieval in the instance of account loss or deactivation.

While several internet marketers out there might make you see only the good sides of holding a US PayPal account in Nigeria, it’s advisable that you gaze at the downsides before eventually opening such an account. But considering the fact that a Lesotho PayPal account is more secure than a US PayPal account, a typical Nigerian should opt for Lesotho PayPal at the expense of US PayPal.

2nd Steps for Creating a Lesotho PayPal Account in Nigeria

lesotho paypal account

  • Click here to enter the sign up page for Lesotho PayPal
  • After landing on the page, hit the Sign Up icon at the top right hand corner
  • Subsequently, specify Business Account as the account type –you should follow this instruction even if you’ve not got a business yet
  • Fill in your e-mail address as required –ensure you correctly input your e-mail address as PayPal will later send a verification message to the e-mail address you provide
  • Input your details as requested on the next page
    • Name –you should provide the exact name on the (government) ID you’re attaching to the account
    • Phone number –since you’re creating the account in Nigeria, you’ll have to select Nigeria’s country code (+234) as appropriate and attach your phone number to it. You should exclude the first digit of your phone number so that you have something like +234 8135399644
    • Company name –even if you don’t have any corporate or individual business at the time of account creation, you can use a hypothetical name and thus proceed with the account creation
    • Address –supply your home address (in Nigeria) and (the) postal code (of your location) as requested
  • Confirm that you’re satisfied with PayPal terms and conditions
  • Subsequently, you’ll be required to describe your business. Follow these tips to do so;
    • For Business Type, select Individual/Sole Proprietorship
    • For product or service keywords, input Professional Services
    • The third field (which is meant for Business URL) is, at best, optional but if you’re running an e-commerce site, it’s mandatory that you fill in the business URL
  • With the preceding step duly completed, you may tap the Continue button to proceed
  • Subsequently, fill your personal details (Date of Birth and ID) in the required fields

At this juncture, you’re pretty sure to have successfully created a Lesotho PayPal account. To verify the account, you may check your e-mail for a PayPal-sent verification message.

How to Link Your Card on Lesotho Paypal Account

Enter your credit card details and then click on continue. After doing that you will be debited naira equivalent to $1 and you will also notice the word CODE written as part of the statement, the numbers before the word are the code you need to provide to verify your account.

So when you have this code, copy and paste it where you need to provide to verify your account. When you place the code as required your account would be verified. And you can start receiving money and sending out.

Here is a detailed Steps to Link Debit/Credit card To Your Lesotho PayPal account;

  • You can use this link to link your card to your PayPal by clicking this link
  •  Insert your card details accordingly, and then click on the “link” button to proceed. You should either see a success message or an error message. If your card is approved, it will show success message while if your card is disapproved, definitely you will see an error message. Don’t worry; you will know which one is it when you get it (smile).
  • After you successfully linked the card, it should redirect you back the wallet page. Click on the card you just linked. You should see a verify card option, click on it.
  • Some little cash around 400 Naira will be debited from the card. And then you will receive a 4 digit verification code from your bank. The code may come instantly or take more than 24 hours to arrive. Soon after you receive it, login to your PayPal account and insert the code at the appropriate place to complete the verification process.

How to withdraw PayPal funds to Nigeria Bank From Lesotho PayPal account

Do you know how to withdraw funds or money to your bank account after sucessfully opening your Lesotho PayPal account? Congratulation to this latest discovery on how you can start withdrawing PayPal funds to Nigeria Bank at 392/$ without using any online ecurrency exchanger or middle man.

However, before this discovery they’ve been series of setbacks. We discovered and uncovered a particular Visa card in Nigeria that can be used for this process.

The card you added to your PayPal will only work for adding money to your PayPal wallet and won’t work for withdrawing. Also, we can’t link our Nigeria Bank to the PayPal, it won’t work.

Most PayPal earners in Nigeria tend to sell to Exchangers or use  such funds to shop online in online shopping sites that accept PayPal as a means of payment. Since these options seem to be the only solution to eliminate their fund.

Lesotho Paypal Opening Video Guide

Meanwhile, if you are finding it difficult to digest the step by step written guide you can as well watch the tutorial video below.


Hopefully, with this article, you’ve been able to  learn How to open Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria, verify, safeguard, withdrawing PayPal funds to Nigeria. And of course, US PayPal has a pretty number of good sides but if you shudder to imagine losing your funds (or struggling to retrieve your account) after making just one trifling mistake, it’s advisable that you choose a Lesotho PayPal account in place of a US PayPal account.

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  1. Please,I had once opened a Nigeria PayPal account and I’ve link my visa card with it….
    So I close it when I realize that I will not be able to receive fund,now that I open a Lesotho PayPal account,its not accepting my Visa card.
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