What is stomach growling?
A stomach rumble  also known as a bowel sound or peristaltic sound, is a rumbling ,
growling or gurgling noise produced by movement of the contents of the gastro-intestinal tract as they are propelled through the small intestine by a series of muscle contractions called peristalsis.

Stomach growling or rumbling can be really embarrassing in some essence, in today’s topic I’m going to give you some simple tips on how to tame stomach rumbling.

What are the causes of stomach rumbling?

Hunger:    sometimes the main cause of stomach rumbling is hunger, its a way of the stomach telling you that you need to eat, well in this situation its normal, and it tends to get lounder if you don’t take something so its advisable you always listen to your stomach.

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Lack of sleeping : When you dont get enough rest your body starts over reacting, and this may cause stomach rumbling.

Eating Fast: Eating in a haste is also one of the main causes of stomach rumbling and growling, when you eat too fast you don’t chew the food properly, and this tends to put the stomach in stress and it will cause indigestion and as a result of this, the stomach rumbling will occur.

With this few points of mine I hope you must have seen some causes of stomach rumbling,
Now its time to know how to Ease stomach growling.

Here we Go:

• Ensure you are drinking plenty of water

• Change your diet, avoid fast food and carbonated beverages, avoid foods you may be intolerant to, ensure you are eating regularly

• Have smaller, more frequent meals

• Chew your food properly, avoid swallowing excess air

•Try drinking herbal tea after the meal
Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking

• Get plenty of sleep
• Partake in regular physical activity (Exercises,)
• Maintain good hygiene
• Avoid wearing tight belts
• Manage stress
• Stop smoking
By following these tips, you can prevent and even treat stomach rumbling/growling at home



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