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Are you facing difficulties Downloading Inmessage App and Installing it on Android Phone at the same time? this short guide will show you how to download inmessage app and install it without hitches. To delete your inmessage  from your android device, here is How to Delete inMessage Account
Apart from the regular WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook chat, there is another funky and exciting dating app to try out, and it is called Inlove (inmessage). However, it is always advisable to get the inmessage app deleted if it a chronic problem while using it.
Inmessage also called Inlove, is a new platform to connect with a host of single people across the globe and in Nigeria. The dating application, developed by tap genius and can be installed on your android device, laptops, and more.
The new Application seems to be a great competition for other dating apps as it comes with lockdown features, including; quick match. With over 10,000,000 installations, the App will be in no time on the faces of everyone. The users currently enjoy smooth chat experience and have rated the App in this respect 4.5*.
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Although setbacks are always inevitable, this is why, in the light of some positive reviews, users have also included the negative to pick point areas for improvement. Some of the reviews pointed out that the App is slow and Ads pop up too often while others commended the App as one of the best Apps available on the dating platform currently.
However, downloading the App may be difficult for some reasons, but after looking carefully at the steps I used to download mine, I bet the problem of how to download the App will be solved.

Steps To Download Inmessage For Andriod

Downloading this App is done in two ways, namely; downloading as apk file and through the google play store.
These are carefully listed steps to ease the process of download from the Google app store.
Step 1: Open your Google play store, locate the search option on the store, and type in the app name “inlove” or “inmessage”.
Google Play Store 8.1.73 APK now available to download [LINK HERE]
Step 2. The App will come up on your screen for you to download. Review the features carefully and click the Install option.
Step 3. Allow app download successfully then launch on your phone to start enjoying the unlimited dating and mingle package.
Google play store is the easiest and fastest place to download the App. It is highly secured and safe for your android phone.
Alternatively, if you do not find the application on the play store, you can try downloading the apk file from your browser.

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InLove (InMessage) Download and Install on PC

Inmessage can be downloaded on pc using the Android emulators. There are two highly recommended emulators you can try out in this section. They are; bluestack and MEmu

Download inLove (InMessage) for PC – Bluestacks

Bluestacks, amongst other emulators, pose a big difference. It is one of the most reliable and emulators available for Windows and Mac.
Without drifting from the main concentration, follow the steps below to download the in message app on your PC.
Step 1: Download the Bluestack software on your computer.
Step 2: Launch the Bluestack App after download, then log in your google account details ( email and password).
Step 3: Find playstore on the home screen of your installed bluestack App or search for the google play store.
Step 4: After that, open and search for the inlove (inmessage) app and select install and launch.
After you have installed the App, you will find it under the blue stacks folder on your PC. Create your details and enjoy the timeless world of connection.
Note, you can also try out the Apk format. This means you can download it from your browser and install using the bluestack emulator.
How to Download Inmessage App and Install it on Android Phone
Download inLove (InMessage) for PC – MEmu Play
MEmu Play is another highly recommended emulator to try out on your pc. The emulator specializes in giving users a fantastic gaming experience. It has a unique gaming effect and display. It is fast and a better emulator to use when downloading the Inlove app on your PC.

Steps to complete the download;

Step 1: Search and download the Memuplay Emulator on your PC by downloading the app file and installing the downloaded .exe file
Step 2.: After installation, similar to the Bluestacks process, the next step is to launch MEmu Play emulator, and log in your google details.
Step 3. Open google play store on the emulator like in the previous step and search for the inlove (inmessage) app or your search by the name of the developer “tap Genius (sweet message & emoji chat) and tap on the Install button.
Step 4. After downloading, install the App on your Pc and enjoy your express access to the App.
The application is very interesting, fast, and easy to access. In this platform, responsiveness is topnotch as the application gives you the chance to connect with people in a different part of the world as fast as possible.
Meanwhile, there’s been loads of testimony of how people found their love on a social platform, and here is a perfect place to meet and mingle with the love of your life.
What are you waiting for? kindly proceed now to download inmessage app and install it now.

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