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Do you want to Delete inMessage Account? inMessage comes with a lot of good features, however, some people lose interest or maybe they’ve found their match and they have someone already and want to leave the platform and delete their account permanently.
If you belong to this category, then you have nothing to worry about. In this post, we will show you how to delete inMessage account permanently or temporarily as the case may be. If you intend to download inmessage app and install it without hitches, go here.

inMessage is an online dating platform, for matchmaking and connecting with people on the network. It offers a messaging platform to send direct messages to people you want to connect with. Before we begin here are few features of the inMessage platform.
inMessage allows users to automatically connect with people near their location, which is a good feature for those looking for hookups. The app can easier be accessed on the web via their web interface or through their mobile application
For the effective functionality of these services, it is recommended that you download the mobile application, as some features not found on the website are readily accessible. All that is required is that you download the app and sign in or signing if already registered, into your inMessage Account.

Features of inMessage Account

  1. Supports Instant Chat: See who’s been online recently and start chatting with them.
  2. Allows Match and Chat: Swipe through profiles to like people and get your match!
  3.  Features Private Chat: Chat with friends or any Instagram / Facebook user privately.
  4. Supports Nearby Chat: Comes with an Easy to discover the most popular InMessage users nearby and set them as your favorites.
  5. Allows  Global Chat: You can Change your location to meet people around the world.
  6. Features  Chat Now: Allows you checkout your visitor list and match list, see who might be interested in you!How to delete inMessage Account

How to Delete inMessage Account

In order to delete your inMessage account, there are two simple.ways to achieve this. Both of them work perfectly well, it is left for you to choose any from the two methods. The first involves deactivation through email, while the second requires you to visit their website and cancel your account on the web application. We will now go over the procedures required from each method

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How to Delete inMessage Account Through Email

This involves sending an email to their official email and requesting for account deactivation. The steps involved are listed below.

  1. Open your email application. The email used to create an account on the website
  2. The next step is to compose an email. The destination email address is
  3. On the subject, you’re in REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT
  4. Now the body of the email should contain the deactivation request message, telling them to delete your information from their database.

How to Delete inMessage Account From their Website

Follow the steps listed below to delete your inMessage Account through their website.

  1. Go-to this web page. (
  2. Now scroll down until you see the deactivation option menu.
  3. Select one option from the questions asked. Don’t worry too much about getting it right.
  4. In the message box, type in a genuine reason you wish to deactivate your inMessage Account
  5. The next step is to click on SUBMIT AND DEACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT
  6. You would be required to enter your login credentials in order to continue.
  7. Once done, uninstall the application from your phone to permanently deactivate your account.


  • Free to download and use: All that is required is that you download the inMessage app or visit their website and signup for an account.
  • Easy signup process: The registration process is as easy as signing up on Facebook. You can as well use your Facebook or Google account to speed up the signup process.
  • Connects you to people you meet on Instagram and Facebook: Since it’s synced with your other social media accounts, they will recommend people you follow or your friends on Facebook to you, so that you can connect with them on inMessage
  • Various chat features offered: instant chat, global chat, nearby chat, private chat, whichever chat option you may be looking for, it’s all available on the inMessage platform.


  • Basic filtering options: The inMessage app sorts your interest based on your location and profile details automatically.
  • No clear profile verification method: Since this is an online platform, anyone can lie about their identity and no one will ever know.
  • No age verification tool: ideally, the app is supposed to be rated 18+ but there’s no means of verifying users age, which ultimately means that underaged people can create accounts
  • Can promote prostitution and other scamming schemes: The fact that it encourages random hookups means that scammers and prostitutes can use the platform to get their targets.


As difficult as it may sound to some people, dating sites are still very much alive and people utilize it as a medium of meeting new people, going on dates and connecting with people nearby in your specified location. In this post, we have shared two ways on how to delete inMessage Account from your phone. If you’ve ever been looking for a means of deleting your account, then you can follow any of the steps listed above to permanently delete your account.

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