Few days ago I posted a topic On “How to make a flat belly tea” you can read HERE
Today I’m going to tutor you guys on “How to make an organic flat belly tea and also how to use them”

We shall take them one after the other.

Here we Go:

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Flat belly tea for Morning

Tumeric 1spoon
Lemon 1 ball
Ginger 1

• Get half cup of a warm water
• Blend your ginger
• Pour your blended ginger inside the warm water.
•Add tumeric and squeeze out the lemon juice into the warm water.

Note: Take this Drink in the morning Only, Don’t take anything else.
Flat belly Afternoon Tea
 At this time you must be very hungry as the body is in high demand for food,

• 4 teaspoon Apple cider vinegar
• 1teaspoon of cinnamon
• 2 teaspoon honey

• Heat a hot water allow it cool to a warm temperature
• Get a half cup of the warm water
• Add Apple cider vinegar
• Add cinnamon
• Add the honey
• Drink all.
Note: Add those recipes  according to measurements specified above.

Then wait for 5-10 minutes before talking lunch.
What to Take for Lunch.
• Watermelon
• pineapple
• Apple
• Unripe Papaya

Note: You must take the tea before taking the fruits for lunch

Flat belly Night Tea
After successfully taking this tea’s during the day you will notice you will keep passing out urine frequently, but don’t freak out it’s normal its a good omen.

This signifies you are passing away those toxic elements and unwanted fats and wastes which the body doesn’t want.
Now for your Night tea.
•1teaspoon turmeric
•1teaspoon cinnamon
•2 Teaspoon of Honey
•1 ball of lemon
You can add a freshly squeezed orange juice  if you like.
• Get 1cup of a flitterd warm water (suitable for tea making )

• Blend cucumber, Garlic and Ginger (this will form a pastry paste)

• Add the blended items to the warm water

•Then add lemon, turmeric,cinnamon and honey and maybe your orange juice to the warm water

•Stir well and drink all wait after 5-10Minutes before taking your dinner as this is to allow the tea do its work.

What to take for dinner
• Beans
• Yam
• Rice and stew with eggs (you can sauce the rice if you like)
• plantains
• Oats

Note: Avoid sugary and fatty foods
Do this everyday you will see changes

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