How to create Facebook ads that makes people want to buy from you in 2020

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For years, I thought that my ad copy, images, videos landing pages were the most important part when running a Facebook ads campaigns.

Well I was wrong. Targeting is where it’s at.

how to create Facebook ads

Most Ads guy doesn’t know this, and that why they end up running facebook ads that doesn’t convert.

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It doesn’t matter how good your Facebook ad is.. if you’re targeting the wrong people. it won’t work.

Try selling dog toys to someone who doesn’t own a dog.. It’s hard

So far, so good. You already know this.

What you probably don’t know, is that you are making a BIG mistake with your ads targeting.

And when I fixed those mistakes in my facebook ads campaign.. they blew up!

I was literally jumping around the office in excitement (yes, I’m that big of a nerd).

At a point I taught if I could have “told the world” that running a facebook ads is “awesome and the best thing ever (like you have probably see a lot of people do).

In this comprehensive guide you are going to discover a lot of things like:

  • What to do before launching a Facebook ads campaign.
  • How to create Facebook ads campaign.
  • How to run Facebook Ads
  • How to acquire more clients through Facebook advertising.
  • How to increase leads/sales through Facebook advertising.

Acquiring leads through Facebook advertising is something a business can’t do without.

Almost every grown business or brand has a Facebook page where they get in touch with their customers and sale to them.

The Great Amazon on Facebook

Do you know why?

The fact is that Facebook has a huge edge over other types of social media advertising, because it has much detailed information on the over 1 Billion members of its social network.

Over the last year’s or two they have gotten really good at letting advertisers run super ads.

The #1 fact why small and big businesses prefers to use facebook advertising to reach out to their old customers and also to acquire new customers is that facebook advertising is the cheapest and it is the most efficient.

Here is why

If you’re a shoe store owner who wanted to target women who have recently married and living within a specific geo location, that is all possible on Facebook.

Alternatively, if you own a small business and you have got a scary competitor with a large Facebook customers than you do, you can target your competitor customers as well.

Why your business should run Facebook Ads campaigns

I remember pitching a small business owner who sales Kitchen Utensils telling him how lucrative and beneficial facebook advertising will be for his business, when I discovered facebook advertising was not in his marketing strategy.

You will not believe what I got.

The small business owner was like.

Why do I need Facebook advertising, my business is doing just fine.

I chuckled, infact I gave myself a pat on the back. And I sent a reply email, if your business is doing just fine without running a facebook ads, then your business will do Best if you decide to run a facebook ads.

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Now, there is a huge difference between the two words fine and best. Best has higher priority over fine.

I went further to elaborate on the benefit why businesses should start using facebook advertising, infact make it a top list in their marketing strategy.

Benefits of running a Facebook ads

  1. Business exposure: By using facebook ads campaigns you are going to get your business, product or service in front of the billions of active users of Facebook. Just a moment of taught, a business that is not seen or heard doesn’t exist.
  2. Traffic generation: A business that has a website can use Facebook ads to send thousands of traffic to their website. It is the most cheapest means of achieving paid traffic. You can also send people to your products or services website. It will increase leads/sales for your business.
  3. Capture leads/sale: you can use facebook ads to sale your product right of the bat even if you don’t have a website. Through your facebook ads campaign you can acquire client, to your sales funnel or your squeeze page.
  4. Business Reputation: Facebook advertising helps to grow a business credibility and trust by creating awareness in the hearts of people. Nobody would want to patronize from a business they don’t know about it brands, why because they are not familiar with the business, and for that they will doubt it’s product or service performance.

These are just a few reasons to start using Facebook ads for your business, there are many other reasons.

Now that you have gotten a good insights about facebook advertising let me drive you to the things you ought to do first before setting up a facebook ads campaign.

6 Checklist ☑ Before you launch your facebook ads

© FB Advertising Secret
  1. Make a market research
  2. Know your goal
  3. Install facebook ads pixel
  4. Create high quality images
  5. Design your campaign
  6. Study Facebook Alogarithm

Make a market research

You don’t just pick a random topic and start setting up an ads. First you make a list of pages that has similar target audience. Then go into Facebook ads and start any as to play around with the targeting. Type in keywords into the detailed targeting area and keep your potential reach between 500k and above.

Know your goal

Don’t run a Facebook ads without setting a goal. What the goal of your Facebook ads, is it to drive traffic to your website, to get more likes or to get more messages. You have to define your goal for running any ads.

Install your Facebook pixel

Fb ads pixel

If you have a website and your goal is to drive traffic to it, then you should make sure you get your Pixel installed as soon as possible to start gathering traffic.

Create high quality images

The most engaging image resolution for Facebook ads campaign is 120 X 628 pixel. And your image should be of appealing enough, you can hire a graphic designer to do a good one for you if you cannot design.

Design your campaign

Start by split testing different groups of keywords use the same as creative so you know which responds best. Then take the best performing demographic and test split something else like a new image.

Study Facebook Alogarithm

Facebook algorithm

Do you know that when you post on your Facebook page, not everyone who has liked your page sees that post.

According to Facebook, only 16% of your fans on an average will see that post you make on your page.

Also the more someone interacts with your post and your Facebook page, the more often that individual sees your post.

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However, the more people that interacts with your post by clicking on it, liking it, leaving a comment, or sharing it the higher the number of fans that will see your post.

How to create Facebook ads campaign for your business

How to run Facebook Ads

Now that you have fully understand how Facebook algorithm works it time to setup your ads.

There are many different options are which are constantly changing so for the process of this article we are going to focus on the option we feel will be the most effective for your business success.

Hope you are with me, because this going to be a long ride.

When you log into your Facebook account go to your Facebook page click on the Ads manager button in the upper right hand corner of your computer screen.

After clicking that button you will be taken to the Facebook ads account dashboard where you will first be asked what do you want to advertise.

Warning: Don’t you ever boost a Facebook post.

Facebook will always lure you with notifications to boost your post you have published on your page, to reach a larger Audience Please ignore that.

It a trap, you will loose your money and you won’t see any conversion.

I will break the entire process on how to run Facebook ads in four aspects so it will be more clearer for a complete newbie to understand.

How run Facebook Ads |4 Aspects

The 4 Steps to setup a Facebook ads campaign are:

  • The goal aspect
  • The copywriting aspect
  • The target aspect
  • The action aspect

The Goal Aspect

After clicking create ad as you will be taken to a page which asks you what you want to advertise and gives you a drop-down list.

You should see your page listed there, after clicking on it the rest of the dashboard creating your ad will automatically pop up this page.

First, it is going to ask you your goal for the ads. Which could be any of the following:

  • Get more page likes
  • Get more website clicks
  • Get more messages
  • Get more pos likes, comment and shares

So, base on what you intend to do, you select a goal that best fit your business campaign.

The Copywriting Aspect


Next you want to create a headline for your ad. By default it’s your page name and description which is generally not what you want to go with.

All you need to do is just think about the people who you are targeting and what is likely to get them wanting to get your offer, to click add, you just want to make sure your ad is going to perform out there when it goes live.

The skill you need here for this to work out is copywriting, this will help you to create a good sales letter for your Facebook ads that will make people want to buy from you.

The Targeting aspect

In this section, your ad setup gives you the privilege to target your ads to users based on any of such:

  • Location
  • Interests
  • Connections
  • Relationship status
  • Age range
  • Language
  • Education and
  • Workplace

As you are selecting the targets Facebook shows you the number of people that your ad has the potential to show to. And a better ads campaign should have at least 500k views for better conversion.

The main aim of targeting is to let Facebook show your ads to a particular set of people who will be interested in your ads, a prior knowledge of ad targeting will save you a lot of money and make you a lot of money while if you don’t set your target audience proper you are going to waste money on advertising wihout seing a result.

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For example Let say you are a consultant and your services includes assisting people to setup a proper business plan.

You would want to target people of age 30 and above and people who are interested in doing business, you can go further to limit the location to the current city you are located in.

By doing so, people who are not interested in doing business, though may be of age 30 and above but still they will not see your ad because there are not a customer. And they can never will be.

The Payment Process

There are two way to pay for your Facebook ad

  • CPM (cost per impression)
  • CPC ( cost per click)

CPM (cost per thousand impressions)

In CPM you pay for any Facbook user who sees your post, Facebook normal rate is 1000 impressions (number if times your ad is seen) = $5.

CPC (cost per click)

In CPC you pay for any click on. your ads, if your CPC is $1 then you are paying $1 each time someone clicks your ad.

In the next session you can option to choose whether you want Facebook to optimize your ad spend so you get the greatest amount of likes, clicks, or impressions for your ad.

How much does Facebook advertising cost

Like I said earlier Facebook advertising is the cheapest of all social media advertising. A small business can set a maximum dollar budget per day or maximum budget for the lifetime of an advertising campaign.

The minimum daily advertising spend on Facebook is $1 per day. The minimum CPC is 1 cent. Mind you the lower the CPC bid the lower the clicks

So if you want to really go the extra mile to learning how to spend less and make more money running Facebook ad, then you should be able to scale Facebook algorithm and targeting the right audience.

A Food for Thought

Congratulations, if you have ever read this you can run a Facebook ads that makes people want to buy from you.

Like I said earlier, your ad targeting and sales copy are seldom the most important aspect in running super ads.

With this guide at your fingertips you can setup a Facebook ads, but there is one thing I need from you and that’s to believe in yourself (you gat this).

If you constantly run Facebook ad with time you’ll become an expert at it, and you can start to offer paid Facebook ads services.

This will happen if only you Start running Facebook ads and improving on it.


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