How to Create an Email account Fast in 2021

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Have you ever had any problem(s) with creating an email account? Or do you wish to also have an email account for one reason or the other?

Well, this article is stuffed with the easiest steps to having your own email account. Before I dive into the steps, allow me to brief you about what an email is.

Email, that is an Electronic mail, is a system of transferring messages (such as text, files, images or other attachments) through a network to an individual or group of individuals.

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The email was invented by Ray Tomlinson and its usage first started in the ’60s and since then, it has been so common that most of the 21st-century computers can access an email system.

There are various examples of email, we have; Gmail, yahoo mail, Zoho mail, iCloud Mail, GMX and so on. But in Nigeria, Yahoomail and Gmail are the two most popular email accounts used by the masses. So based on that we will only be considering how to create both a yahoo mail account and Gmail account fast.

Also, any email can be of four (4) types ;

  • Web-based email.
  • Pop3(Post Office Protocol 3)
  • IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol)
  • MAPI(Message Application Programming Interface)


 Gmail, which is the Google mail is a web-based email service. It provides the user with a gigabyte of storage. You don’t need to worry about your voluminous messages in Gmail as it enables you to search for the specific ones you need. Know that before you can create a Gmail account, you need to have a Google account.

Steps to create a Gmail account ;

  • Go to
  • Click in the create account
  • A signup screen will display, here, you’ll fill some required information.
  • After that, you’ll be required to input the phone number. Make sure you entered the digits correctly as a verification message will be sent to it, containing a code. This is because Google uses a two-step verification process to get your account secured.
  • About a minute later(depending on the network status), you will receive a message containing the 6 to 8 digits verification code.
  • Enter the verification code sent in the space provided
  • Then a screen will display requesting some of your personal information like your date of birth, supply correct information about each of them.
  • Lastly, a screen will display the Google terms and policies, click I agree.

And there you have it, your Gmail account has been successfully created.

Yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is a user-friendly web-based email. Users need not mind how to store massive amounts of messages as yahoo mail provides users with a terabyte (1000GB) of storage.

Steps to create a Yahoo mail account;

  • Go to the yahoo sign up page.
  • A screen showing a form will be displayed where you’ll fill in your first and last name along with your username, password(use a strong password to avoid been hacked easily), phone number, birth date and probably gender.
  • After filling all these, click the continue icon
  • After, a verification code will be sent to the phone number. This code can be sent in two ways: either the text me an account key or call me with a verification code.
  • Enter the code sent and select continue.
  • By that, you’ve successfully created your yahoo Mail. To view your mail, select the mail icon or visit


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