How to create 3D animation with smartphone pdf

How to create 3d animation with smartphone

Hey, you are welcome to do feel at home and visit often for more quality kinds of stuff. My today topic is How to create 3D animation with Smartphone.

Meanwhile, this complete guide on How to create 3D animations with your Android phone was inspired by So A very big thanks to their team. 🤓

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I hope you know that video marketing is trending with its high conversion rate compared to written ads.

For instance: if someone visits your product page they wouldn’t have enough time to read all through the lengthy sales article you have written, but if only you could turn your write up into short explanation video there are surely going to watch it, and by so doing they will get all the information quicker than they would have spent several minutes reading through and stressing their eyeball.

This is so because videos are more engaging compared to written articles and 3D animation videos grab people’s attention which allows your ads to have a greater impact on your audience. Whether you are looking to create awareness, drive more leads, or sales these are more likely to occur if and only if you can steal your audience’s attention.

Well, I understand the fact that not everyone likes going live on camera, and maybe you would love to but then you don’t have the time or resources (like Tripod) to get your video shoot and editing done.

So here is an alternative, creating explainer 3d animation with smartphone for your business marketing purpose, and the best part is that with your Android phone you can create awesome 3D animation videos for free.

What is 3D animation

3D Animations is the technique of making inanimate objects or drawings appear to move in motion pictures or computer graphics. Making videos in the utmost reality!

Take a minute or two to check out these samples of short 3D animation videos made with a smartphone. You are going to love it 😎

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Yes, those are perfect examples of 3d animations done with an android phone and not a robust computer.

I tell you this, a lot of money can be made through the creation and mastery of this 3D animation making.

So, before I show you how to create 3D animation with your smartphone let look at how you can monetize the skill you are about to acquire for free.

Because it will so pain me and of course my friendship ( after learning such a professional skill for free you are unable to make money with it.

3 ways to make money creating 3D animation with smartphone

How to create 3D animation with smartphone pdf
  • One way of making money creating 3D animation with your android phone is by conducting a masterclass (maybe on a closed WhatsApp group) on animations, charging as much as you would want to, and guess what you are learning it here on for free.
  • Another way is by being committed to learning, take into effective practice, the lessons, you would learn from this article, plus the detailed ebook guide that will be presented to you, gaining mastery by practicing and with the knowledge become a veteran designer! I need not tell you how much people are willing to pay for your services, for their businesses.
  • You can also use it for personal kinds of stuff, maybe to make a video ad for your business, event, program, or create awareness on anything at all!

Now, let take a look at all the resources you will need to be able to create 3D animation with smartphone, which would range from steps on Installation of applications to thorough picture tutorials on how to navigate through your apps for effective creation of your animation.

You are getting this knowledge for FREE!!! Kindly read through carefully, and make sure to download the ebook guide attach at the end of this article, because of that where all the pictorial steps to creating 3D animation.

The application needed to create 3D animation with smartphone is PLOTAGON APPLICATION

Anyways you can decide to substitute Plotagon apps if you are already familiar with a specific video editing app.

But for this tutorial I will be recommending the PLOTAGON app, there are several 3D animation apps for android devices click here to see Six other alternatives to the Plotagon app.


This is the primary application needed to create 3d animation with smartphone. It is free to download and use.

Plotagon comes with four pre-installed characters and two preinstalled scenes. Meanwhile, you can download additional characters and scenes for free.

Plotagon also has a premium version where you can buy even more characters and scenes through the Plotagon in-application store, but the free version is worth creating awesome 3D animations like the three samples I have provided for you above.

Without wasting much time use this link to download Plotagon App from Google play store directly.

Should in case your phone version is quite low, you can get a lower version of the Plotagon app via

Setting Up Your Plotagon Account

After installing the Plotagon applications, what next? Of course, you have got to use it and not to occupy space on your phone, or add to your app screen.

The next step, I would show you is how to set up your PLOTAGON account. after successful installation, because some activities require to have an account.

Kindly follow the guide below:

  • Open your PLOTAGON application, your app should look like this, if installed successfully.
  • Click “Create Account”
  • Fill in the spaces with your correct details, and click “continue”
  • An email should be sent to you for verification purposes, verify, then go ahead to “log in” and
  • fill in your details, your email address, and password.

After setting up your Plotagon account, the next thing you will have to learn is:

  • How to Create a character on Plotagon
  • How to create a plot On Plotagon
  • How to add background sound
  • How to trigger an action performed
  • How to create dialogue

Well, I won’t emphasize this aspect because you are going to get a step by step picture guide to carry out the tasks.

So it will be more explanatory and of course, you can have a resource to check on whenever need be.

Now, kindly download the eBook guide that shows you the step by step guide with pictures alongside to do everything from A – Z.


Oh great! You read until the end! You have no idea, the knowledge you have just acquired! Some persons pay up to a huge sum to learn how to create 3D animation with android phones.

Do ensure you download the eBook guide, because that’s where the knowledge to creating animations with android phones lies.

Should in case you have any questions, or you want to show gratitude for what you have just gotten do use the comment box to drop a comment will surely get back to you.

Thank you for taking the time to study it, and congratulations to you, you made a bold step! Cheers.


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