How to check wifi data usage on iPhone

How To Check Wifi Data Usage On Iphone

It should not come as a thing of surprise that your iPhone does not come with an inbuilt mobile data tracking feature. For both on WiFi networks and mobile carrier networks, there is no in-phone-app that you can possibly use to track your data usage.

Update: Until the release on iOS 12, which now makes it possible to use the feature without using a third-party app.

This has made some people conclude that maybe Apple phones are designed only for the USA are least not for third-tier economies or countries and because of that, the tech phone manufacturing giant has not deemed it fit to integrate an inbuilt wifi data usage tracking feature on iPhone.

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USA consumers enjoy fiber optic data service that usually comes with unlimited data transfer, but on this Apple has not considered the rest of the world especially in places like Asia and Africa where fiber optics is still bits and does not come in unlimited bandwidth as against what the case is in the USA and other countries like UK and Canada.

With this, we can establish that Apple in the manufacturing of iOS devices has not for once considered incorporating an inbuilt tracker feature into her devices.

So we are left with exploring possible options which are third-party applications.

Kudos to their party app developers who have quickly noticed these need for iOS users in the rest of the world who wants to be conscious of their WiFi data usage on their iOS devices.

They have taken up the hard work and came around with a working alternative for Apple users to be able to track or check their WiFi data usage.

So today, on the Apple store, you can find several iOS apps that you can easily use to monitor your data usage for your mobile network or wifi data usage.

Apps to Track Wifi Data Usage on iPhone

Many of these alternative apps track your data usage through a VPN account created on your Apple mobile device, you need not confuse this for a VPN app or service, solely because The app still relies on your WiFi network’s IP address and security protocols to function.

My Data Manager (iOS)

There are quite several wifi usage tracker apps on the iOS store like we mentioned earlier, but we see the My data Manager – Track usage app to more satisfying.

The app can be used to efficiently track internet consumption rate on your apple device, track wifi data usage and also give a reported breakdown of data usage according to each mobile apps installed on your iOS device.

Another important thing you need to be concerned about when using any third-party apps like this one is data leakage. If this is a big deal for you, it is better to be on a safer side.

List of third-party apps Apps to Monitor Data Usage for Your iPhone and iPad

  • DataMan
  • My Data Usage Pro
  • Data Usage
  • Your Carrier’s Web Site
  • iOS Native Data Usage Feature
  • DataFlow
  • Fing
  • IP Tools
  • Opensignal
  • System Status

How to Check WiFi data Usage in iPhone or iPad (iOS 12)

Are you a person who is always worried about the amount of data you use on your iPhone?  That’s not quite bad , but when your carrier billing is about ending, it is normal to worry if you and your benefactors will go beyond your data and incur those unwelcome additional costs.

The good news is, in the recent iOS 12 version, Apple made the use of your data simpler than ever. In very simple steps, we’ll show you how to keep track of your wifi data use, you can as well use some of the tricks on this page to put a limit to your data use.

Step I

Turn on your iPhone and press the button Settings. When you have reached Settings, select the Cellular option. This choice may be written as mobile data or cellular data with some iOS devices, but it does mean the same. As soon as the Window is opened, scroll down to the Use Data For segment or Cell Data, which should be just a few lines down the fold.


Step II

Step 2: Some data in this section can differ according to your carrier. Most carriers, however, provide the top of the current period with a section. In this section, you can see specifically how much of bandwidth your phone used in the current month.

Some carriers also provide the Current Period Roaming tab which serves as a separate tracker for all used roaming data, as both carriers often charge at various rates. You may need to call up your company or log into their website to find more details if you do not see any detail about the data being used during this time.



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