How to Check Airtel Night Plan Balance (2021)

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Now that you have successfully used our previous guide to get yourself on the airtel night data plan of your choice, but what if you have to check your airtel night plan data balance? How do you go about that?

In the next few lines below I will show you how you can check your airtel night plan data balance. As you surf the internet you will be able to see how many megabytes you have remained of your airtel night plan.

The main reason why you want to check your airtel night plan as you browse the internet is to avoid running out of data at an unexpected moment especially when you’re in a midst of something very important.

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Just before I show you how to check airtel night data plan quickly let me acquaint our new readers to some information about the airtel night data plan.

it is usually referred to as the smart trybe tariff plan from airtel, the night data bundle plan from airtel has become a very popular option especially among The Young ones in Nigeria.

This is simply because it allows you to do a lot tomorrow online at a very cost-effective rate when compared to normal data plans on the airtel network.

the same work you can do on the normal data plan you can as well do on the airtel night data plan which means that you can surf the web you can download your favourite music you can watch your favourite videos and do a lot of other interesting stuff in as much as you are ready to keep awake at night.

Many students as find solace In The air tonight plan as a cheap means of getting the assignments, coursework, and project done at night when there is calmness. Another interesting thing about the airtel night plan is the price point.

With just 25 naira you can get up to half a gig of data to use to surf the internet in the night. If you think 500 megabyte is not enough for you, you can get on board the 1.5 gig of airtel night plan for just 200 naira.

What time is the airtel night plan?

You can subscribe for the airtel night plan at any time of the day. Or never you can only use the airtel night data from 12  to 5 a.m. daily, that’s why it’s called a night plan.

What is the subscription code for airtel night plan?

The code to subscribe to the airtel night plan is *312#.

  1. To get started dial *312# on your mobile phone so you can migrate to smarttrybe.

  2. Dial the code again and select option number three (which is Airtel Night Plans)

  3. Select either the 1st or second option (for 500 MB) or 2 (for 1.5 GB) to get on board of the airtel night plan and surf the internet.

How to check Airtel night plan balance?

now that it is crystal clear on how to subscribe to the airtel night plan on the smart trybe tariff. Let’s go to how to check your airtel night plan balance. The shocking one to you that there is no dedicated USSD code by airtel to check your airtel night plan data balance.

If you’re trying to use the usual code for checking Airtel data balance which is (*140#) what you will see is your data balance if you have any and not your airtel night data balance, I literally there is no code to check your airtel night data balance at the moment.

However has given a workaround on how to monitor your data and see how much internet data you’ve exhausted at a particular period time.

Update on Airtel night plan in 2021

At the moment airtel is only offering the N25 naira bundle for 250 megabytes as against the usual 500 MB, they have also removed the 200 naira plan for 1.5gb, which means that users are only left with the N25 night plan for 250MB

Before you are not allowed to subscribe to the airtel night data plan more than once per 24 hours, but now, so far it is within the stipulated time 12 – 5 am you can subscribe to Airtel night plan as much as you may need before 5 am.

So to make sure you don’t run of data in the midst of important stuff, you can subscribe to the plan reportedly.

It might be that bad of a choice because with N100 you can possibly use 1Gb of Airtel night data.


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