How to cancel Data auto-renewal on 9mobile

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Yes! You can cancel data auto-renewal on 9mobile and this is how to do it.

Every network provider ensures their customers enjoy quality internet experience by providing them with data according to their capacity and 9mobile are putting in their best in this aspect.

We all know that data is what we need to enjoy the numerous features the internet gives to us such as; online transactions, social media, reading of news, checking on live scores, placing bets, knowing weather forecast and lots more to mention a few.

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Since we aren’t paying to get all those, our data serves as a payment gateway for getting to enjoy these features.

That is why network providers, 9mobile made data available to any class be it the rich, poor or average but reducing the cost of data purchase to the lowest possible price.

You can buy data for as low as 50 Naira to 10,000 Naira or even more depending on your ability and usage. All this sounds good not until you receive an auto-renewal message of your previously bought data.

This is very painful because you don’t want it at the moment or aren’t prepared for it. I have seen lots of telecom users in Nigeria complain about the unnecessary deduction of their airtime due to the auto-renewal of data service.

The funny part is some people don’t remember choosing the auto-renewal option because most of us click yes to what we see without really reading its contents. After all, we want to buy the data, and nothing else matters.

It’s until we start seeing deductions that we’ll realize something has gone wrong somewhere. I call this medicine after death.

Imagine having 1000 naira airtime to be used in making official calls, then all of a sudden you receive something like;

Dear customer, your 1GB for 1,000 Naira has been successfully renewed and 1,000 Naira deducted from your account balance. Dial *228# to check your data balance“.

No matter the pain, it’s too late. But the good news is, you can cancel auto-renewal in other to prevent it from happening again, and that’s what I’ll be teaching you today in this article. Keep reading to find out!

Step to stop automatic data renewal on 9mobile

To cancel auto-renewal on data plans for 9mobile is very easy. Simply, dial 2290# with your phone using the 9mobile SIM.

Within a minute, you should be sent a text message telling you that your auto-renewal data plan has been canceled.

Another method to cancel auto-renewal on 9mobile is through SMS.

  • Bring out your phone
  • Text STOP (Uppercase) to 229

And there you have it. You have opted-out successfully from the 9mobile auto-renewal data service.

Note: Please ensure you read carefully after purchasing a data not to select the auto-renewal option except it’s okay by you.

Did this tip work for you? Kindly let us know via the comment section and don’t forget to share as well.

Others might need it too.

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