How to cancel auto-renewal on Mtn Data Plan


Oh! I need to Cancel this Auto-renewal on my MTN data.

Yes! We understand that feeling, and we have provided a simple guide to get things done.

Mtn had proven to be the most extensive network provider in Nigeria as well being the first before other network providers started coming up such as Glo, Airtel and 9mobile.

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We all know that in the world we are today, data is life. The internet has made life much easier, accompanied by social media which makes us close to each other regardless of the distance.

But all those above mentioned featured can be enjoyed only if you have data.

That’s why today, we spend more on data than we do to call. Some of us monthly data subscriptions, while some do weekly or daily according to your capacity.

But sometimes we accept the auto-renewal option without even knowing what it means after purchasing the data.

Then once your data is exhausted, you receive a message like this as far as you still have a substantial amount of airtime in your account balance.

“Dear customer, your data bundle, has successfully been reactivated due to your auto-renewal“.

This message can be so painful, especially when we weren’t prepared for it. But it’s too late when it happens. The only way is to prevent it from happening.

So today I’ll be showing you how to cancel auto-renewal on mtn data plans. Below are the steps;


  • Take your phone
  • Create a message (SMS)
  • Type NOCODE (exactly as it’s written and uppercase) to 131 without your mtn SIM

Within Few minutes you’ll receive a response SMS telling you that your auto-renewal data plan has been canceled.

Below are the codes to send as SMS to 131 depending on the data plans you want to cancel.

  • 50MB Daily – NO104 as SMS to 131
  • 150MB Daily – NO113 as SMS to 131
  • 150MB Weekly – NO102 as SMS to 131
  • 500MB Weekly – NO103 as SMS to 131
  • 1GB Monthly – NO106 as SMS to 131
  • 1.5GB Monthly – NO130 as SMS to 131
  • 2.5GB Monthly – NO110 as SMS to 131
  • 5GB Monthly – NO107 as SMS to 131
  • 10GB Monthly – NO116 as SMS to 131
  • 22GB Monthly – NO117 as SMS to 131
  • 50GB for 2 Months – NO118 as SMS to 131
  • 85GB for 3 Months – NO133 as SMS to 131

Advice: Please do not accept the auto-renewal option after purchasing your data or activating a data plan except you have read and fully understood the terms and conditions attached to it.

I’ve had such experience, and I know how it feels. If your pocket isn’t too large, stick to your data plan, do not activate auto-renewal and buy data once your existing one is exhausted.

I believe the above-given tips worked perfectly for you. Kindly share with us your feedback via the comment section.

Don’t also forget to share this article with your family, friends and loved ones. They might as well need it!


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