How to buy airtime from Polaris bank (USSD Code for Money transfer)

Polaris Bank

Are you a Polaris bank account holder looking for how to buy airtime from your account? If yes, we have a guide that shows you the procedure to buy airtime from your account.

Polaris bank has made it possible for you to buy airtime from your bank account. If you have an account with the bank, wouldn’t you want to know how to purchase airtime conveniently from your bank account?

Mobile banking services have made it possible for individuals and corporate organizations to perform several transactions at their homes, offices and respective locations. Moreover, mobile banking has halted the businesses of recharge card vendors as everyone now wants to buy airtime and data online at their convenience.

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Not everyone likes buying airtime from recharge card vendors, some people prefer buying from the ATM, online platforms or through their bank. In this article, we have unveiled two methods which you can use to buy airtime from Polaris bank.

Buy Airtime From Polaris Bank (Internet Banking Method)

If you are yet to get the Polaris bank app on your smartphone, we encourage you to download it from the Google Play Store. Simply log into your account, click the Buy Airtime option, select the network you wish to recharge, type the phone number and the amount you wish to purchase.

After completing this transaction, your account will be deducted and the phone number you entered will be credited and recharged.

Buy Airtime From Polaris Bank (USSD Code Method)

You can also use the Polaris Bank USSD code to buy airtime for yourself and other people. To buy airtime for yourself, simply dial 833Amount#.

For instance, if you want to recharge your line with N100, dial 833100#. When you do this, you will receive N100 airtime on your mobile phone instantly. Ensure that the line is the same as the telephone number you used to open your bank account.

If you want to buy airtime for other people, dial 833AmountPhone Number#. For instance, dial 83350009091190022#. The recipient will receive N500 upon completion of the transaction.

Polaris USSD code for Money Transfer

Ever since the update on banks for USSD CODE, all banks have yielded to it, including Polaris Bank making bank transactions easier and comfortable.

Although Polaris Bank was newly established in the year 2018, they have proved not to be the least by providing optimum satisfaction for their customers. Without wasting much of your time, let me show you how to perform a money transfer from your Polaris Bank account to any other bank via the use of USSD CODE.


  • Get your phone
  • Dial *833# (With your bank registered SIM card and ensure you have some airtime in it)
  • Select the transfer money option.
  • Choose from or account or wallet depending on where your money is.
  • Input the receiver account number without mistakes
  • Select the receiver bank name
  • Confirm the receiver account name
  • Once everything is correct, proceed to input the amount you want to transfer (Should not exceed your current account balance)
  • Validate the transfer by inputting your Four digits pin.

You have successfully made a transfer from your Polaris Bank account to the receiver using the USSD code option. As easy as that.

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