Dogs normally show exhibits signs before attacking
This signs are :

• Snaring
• Growing
• baring teeth
• lunging

Why do dogs attack?

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• Dogs normally attacks to defend their territory, a situation whereby you enter a compound that has a dog, the dogs tries to bark to scare you away, this is to secure his territory from strangers,
And if leave the dogs wins,
But if yiy should ignore his barking and still remain where you are without slowing leaving he attacks and this can be brutal.

Its advisable  to leave when ever a dog barks at you because his main purpose of barking is for you to evict his territory, though there are some species of dogs who are super aggressive the moment they set their eyes on you they won’t even bother barking they attack at once, its advisable to ask people around “whether if there is a dog in the compound before entering”

What to do if you find yourself in a situation with a dog who exhibits the character of aggression towards you

• Avoid eye contact
• Turn your body slowly to the side
• Cross your arms
• Completely ignore the dog
• Be still for a short period then
Move away slowly
• Try to get to a place where there is    a barrier between you and the dog.

What to do when dogs attacks

There are about 4.5 million dog bites every year in the U.S.,
So if a dog attacks you what should you do? Run? This is the worst mistakes you can ever do don’t you ever do such, stand your ground.
Running will only make things worse as the dog will keep running after until he eventually gets you or maybe lucky for you, you took cover.

Always be prepared/Take precautions
Dog attacks occur usually because of inadequate training of the dog (by the owner ) So, whenever you see any unchained dog, always prepare for the worst so that you won’t be caught unawares. A safe move is to take another path ( if available ). When you meet a stray dog, avoid eye contact with it, as most dogs see this as a threat. Also, avoid smiling at the dog. Though this may show that you are friendly, an aggressive dog would assume that you are baring your teeth in readiness for a fight.

Attack back with Objects around you.
When ever a dog attacks you do not run, I repeat do not run, running will only make the dog more aggressive,
Stand your grounds (though not every one can) but you have to because at this point you may not have a helper or the owner may not be around, attack the dog with stones or maybe sticks, usually dogs get scared at the sight of seeing people throwing objects at them or raising sticks over them as they tend to  run away.

If the dog comes closer, remain still and calm. Some dogs would only sniff you and go away without biting. But if the dog is biting, try to grab its neck if it is a small dog that you can overpower easily. If it is a larger dog, find something hard or pointed that you can either force into its mouth or use to block its teeth each time it tries to bite you.
If there is nothing you can protect yourself with, and the dog is a large one that you cannot overpower, quickly place your clenched fists at the side of your head and your elbows by your sides. This will protect your vital organs, as the dog can only bite at your legs and other parts of your body that are less vital. If the dog knocks you down with its weight, roll yourself into the fetal position and protect your head, neck, and belly with your fists and elbows. This way, you will have minimal injuries – if any at all,
But in other to avoid all this things when ever you see this sign “beware of dogs” or you saw an unchained dog just quickly look around for objects or stones to keep your self armed (you never can tell what will happen)
Note: don’t you ever underestimate a dog’s size  A small dog could inflict terrible bites.
 When ever a dog approaches you  try to command the dog with words like “ down ” or “ go back ”. Such words may cause the dog to retreat temporarily, giving you ample chance to get away. But if your commands fail to work, remain calm. Avoid facing the dog directly and avoid making eye contact as this will signal the dog that you meant no harm.


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