Having a pink lips should be very nice, as it enhances the beauty of your smile and laughter, in today’s topic I’m going to be teaching you guys on ” How to acquire pink lips “
Here we Go:

• Scrub your lips with your tooth brush, this is to exfoliate(remove) the top dead skin cells on the lips ( you can also do this when ever you are brushing your teeth)
• use sugar mix with honey apply on your lips,then rub it on your lips in a circular motion do this for 5 mins then wash out.

• Dab a cotton wool in an already cut opened lemon fruit then dap it on your lips, lemon acts as a bleacher as it consist of natural skin whitening agents such as vitamin c etc.

• Then the last but not the least apply olive oil, this will give your lips that pinkish tone you desire.

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Do this every night for 2weeks you will be amazed with the results.


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