How To Sell An iTunes card online in Nigeria

Sell Itunes Card In Nigeria And Ghana

Most people find it difficult to sell their iTunes card online since it’s quite hard to find a trustworthy buyer, especially in Nigeria while some don’t even know how to sell a gift card at all.

In this article, I would be sharing with you ways you can sell your gift card in Nigeria.

Some people call iTunes, Apple’s marketplace which I totally agree with because iTunes is a place where you can eventually buy all things involving media, entertainment, and software.

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What is an iTunes gift card?

iTunes card is funded gift cards you can use to pay for any iTunes products like movies, books, songs, etc. either from App store, Itunes stores or Apple books.

How to sell An iTunes card online in Nigeria

Like I said earlier selling a gift card online can be difficult due to not having a trustworthy buyer or not having the right platform to sell your card.

With the internet being the environment where the majority of transaction occurs, various sites have sprung up with the identity of offering gift card exchange services.

Some of those sites offer low exchange rates, slow processing of Transactions while some sites are completely fraudulent.

hence knowing the site/service provider you would be transacting with is quite important.

Quality of a good site/vendor to sell iTunes gift cards

1. Flexible payment options

The sites of your choice shouldn’t be a site that would always be asking for all your bank details,
it should be a site that allows you to provide little detail about your bank.

2. Trustworthy platform

We charge you to do your research about the site’s integrity.

Some sites like I said earlier could be fraudulent hence one of the major ways of carrying out research about a site is not necessary reading about them on the net but asking around to know if anyone has traded with them before and if you find no one I would advise you wait and do a deep research about them.

3. How much is $100 iTunes card in Nigeria?

$100 itunes card in Nigeria in naira as at now ($100 gift card) ranges approximately from #25,000-#32,000.

Some site aren’t willing to pay in high exchange rate, so before making any transaction with them know how much they are willing to pay to buy any denomination of your iTunes card because not all vendor are willing to pay for all denomination, some trade only with the low denomination.

There are majorly five denomination 5,10,15,25,50,100 and each with its own peculiar exchange rate.

4. Availability of sales agent

The sales agent of the vendor site of your choice should always be available 24hours a day since it’s an online transaction.

5. Fast service response

The rate of replying to your questions should be 100%, any site that delays in responding to you is a no go area.

6. Where to Sell iTunes card in Nigeria

The site should be easy to navigate to enable you get the necessary information about them.

After doing your research and you’ve seen a site that you can make transaction with, then you can proceed to sell your card.

Examples of websites you can transact with are, pecktrad, paxful, and sellcardBTC, Jumia One, but I would advise you do your research in order to pick the best.

You can also shop for iTunes card on Jumia using this link.

iTunes Card prices on Jumia

iTunes Card Current Prices
$100 Apple ITunes Gift Cards -USA N53,020
ITunes 50 USD Apple Store Credit N31,000
Apple Music 12 Months Membership Gift Card USA N53,000
$25 Apple ITunes Gift Cards -USA N18,950
$50 Apple ITunes Gift Cards – USA N32,500

How to sell your iTunes card

  • step 1: Visit the site you have chosen
  • step 2: Contact the sales Agent via the medium of communication the site provides
  • step 3: Ask for the rate of the gift card exchange
    If the exchange rate is pleasing to you then proceed to step 4
  • step 4: Upload the unused gift card.
  • Some vendors don’t make payment for cards that have been used or not activated hence you will have to wait for your card to be verified.
  • Step 5: After a successful verification you will get paid.

We hope you find this guide on how to sell iTunes cards online in Nigeria very useful.


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