How to Register a Vehicle in Nigeria (2021)

How To Register A Vehicle In Nigeria

Say you finally got yourself that dream car, and you’ve been hoping for, next thing you should do is get that vehicle registered so you don’t get into a gbas gbos situation with FRSC officers while cruising on the road.

You don’t have to take chances and procrastinate your registration, except you want FRSC officers to stop you and impound your car which will make you end up paying and stressing more when it’s too late.

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Registration of vehicles in Nigeria has always been seen as a cumbersome process, but I assure you, after reading this guide, you’ll be able to get yours done and start cruising the streets as a legitimate car owner in no distant time. I have listed out the procedures you need to go through to get your new vehicle registered.

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Documents Required for Vehicle Registration in Nigeria

A valid driver’s license – if you don’t already have a driver’s license you should go to the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) office closest to you to apply for one.

 Insurance policy papers — This includes insurance policy number, and all other insurance documents you’ve gotten for the car.

Means of identification — Can either be an international passport, or national ID card or even your Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC)

Proof of address — Utility bill that carries your address. It can either be electricity bill or even waste bill. Most times in Nigeria we use utility bills because the waste bill “sometimes they don’t issue receipt”.

Proof of ownership – There are many documents under this section that you need. No officer wants to register a car that is stolen. You should have at least one copy of each of the following documents;

Receipt of purchase

Attestation letter from the company you purchased the vehicle from

Delivery note

Tax identification number – This one is not a must have yet, but if you so have it’s good you add it.

Engine and chassis number of vehicles — This is also not compulsory, but it’s important. It wouldn’t cost anything to write out the engine number of your ride so why not just do it anyway.

Custom papers — If your car is not imported, you don’t need this.

If you have been able to get all the documents mentioned above, you’re ready to register that ride and wouldn’t have a need for going back home because you forgot this or that paper.

How to Register a vehicle in Nigeria

Registration of vehicles is quite easy if you’ve been able to secure the right documents. Following these given steps, your registration shouldn’t take long.

  1. Go to the National Vehicle Identification System official website and fill out the MVA 01 form.

  2. Print the filled form out and attach all the documents mentioned above to it.

  3. Now go to the State Board of Internal Revenue (SBIR) with your documents, collect the allocation of plate number form, proceed to pay for your vehicle plate number, and collect your vehicle plate number.

  4. The next thing is to go to the Vehicle Inspection Office to get your vehicle inspected. If VIO is satisfied with the inspection report, you will be issued a certificate of read worthiness. Without this certificate, it simply means your car isn’t safe enough to play Nigerian roads.

  5. Finally, go back to SIBR to get your Valid Insurance Certificate, Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC), Vehicle Identification Tag (VIT), and Vehicle Plate Number.

All original copies of the documents submitted will be returned to you. The price for registration of vehicles is not fixed as it differs from state to state because the prices are not declared by FIRSC, rather they’re done by SBIR of that particular state.

37 Approved Vehicle Registration Centers in Nigeria


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