How to Setup Payment For Google AdWords in Nigeria (2021)

How To Setup Payment For Google Adwords In Nigeria

We have put together a very descriptive guide on how you can easily pay for Google Adwords campaign in Nigeria.

Have you been trying to pay for Google AdWords using the various Nigerian banks to no avail?

Do you need the step-by-step approach on how to pay for Google Ads in Nigeria? If yes, then this article will show you how to successfully do it within a few minutes.

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Of course, one of the most trusted ways of driving genuine traffic to blogs and websites is by using Google Adword for advert. I mean the one that really count.

Google Adwords subscription is a secure way to boost your blog traffic. Most webmasters in Nigeria don’t know how to take the full opportunity that Google AdWords has to offer. This article will exemplify you how to quickly make payment for Google AdWords advertising in Nigeria.

And of course, using this service requires money but the mode of making the payment is the major reason many Nigerian bloggers back out along the line.

So if you’re planning to make use of Google AdWords for traffic generation, you might have to pay a close attention to this article in other not fall into the same pit.

To this end, we’ve decided to make this comprehensive guide on how to pay for Google AdWords in Nigeria a self-explanatory one. Hence, it’ll be very easy for you to comprehend.

Google AdWords Payment Methods in Nigeria

Prior to delving into the main topic i.e how to pay for Google AdWords in Nigeria, it is very important we highlight the available and possible methods of making payment.

To this end, the following are the available means of paying Google for AdWords advert:

1. Naira MasterCard or Visa card

Out of the not too common mode of paying Google for AdWords advert is the use of Visa card or Naira MasterCard. That is to say, you can use your Gtbank MasterCard, UBA MasterCard, Stanbic Visa card among others for the payment.

2. Google AdWords coupons

Also, you can easily pay for your Google AdWords in Nigeria online by using the Google AdWords coupons. The difference between MasterCard and this coupon, however, lies in the fact that the coupon is made for a single AdWords account.

3. UBA Africard

Though not that celebrated but you can still use your UBA Africard to pay for Google AdWords. However, if you don’t have one, you can visit any UBA branch near you to request for one (if you’re a UBA registered user).

Steps to Make Payment for Google AdWords campaign in Nigeria

Having highlighted the available Google AdWords payment methods in Nigeria, the next course of action is to go into the main topic proper.

To this end, carefully follow the highlighted steps below on how to pay for Google AdWords in Nigeria.

Step 1: Open an account

Before you can be able to pay for Google AdWords, you’ll have to create an account with Google for this purpose. However, if you have an account already, all you need to do is to login.

Step 2: Click on Billing

After you must have registered or log into your account successfully, you’ll see a section with an inscription “billing”, just click on it.

After that, it’ll land you on a redirected page displaying your details and full information as to making payment for the ads.

Step 3: Click “Make a Payment tab”

On that redirected page where the payment information is being shown, you’ll see a tab with “make a payment” and click on it.

Step 4: Click on Credit Card

After clicking on make a payment tab, you’ll see a pop-up with different payment options, just click on the credit card option menu as your method of payment.

Step 5: Fill in your card details

Having clicked on the credit card as your payment method, you’ll be asked to provide the full details of your credit card; including your contact (billing) address.

However, note that your billing address must not be consistent with the one you have on your credit card i.e the one you used when you open that bank account.

Step 6: Enter the amount

At this stage, you must have filled in all your card details and contact information. So there’s nothing left than to enter the amount you want pay.

Step 7: Review your Payment.

Before you make the final submission, it is advisable you click on the review payment tab to review all the single information you’ve entered so far.

Step 8: Make the payment

After you must have reviewed all the information you entered and you’re sure they are correct you can now click on the “make payment” tab.

By clicking make payment, Google will receive a confirmation thereby crediting your AdWords account with the payment you just made.

Now that you have successfully made a payment for your Google AdWords, there’s nothing left than to create your first ads with Google AdWords.

If you patiently read and digest the above simple but comprehensive guide on how to pay for Google AdWords in Nigeria, you won’t have any cause to abandon the project half way, ever again!


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