How to Load Glo Card | Glo Recharge Code (2021)

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How to recharge Glo card. Do you want to learn how to load GLO airtime card? GLO Nigeria is one of the country’s leading Mobile broadband firms and is working hard to make it convenient for their numerous customers.

It’s not all that hard or prolonged to recharge your GLO card. It’s pretty easy, read to find out how it’s done.

Here, you can see the latest Glo recharge codes that can actually be used to initiate the Glo Recharge.

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But who doesn’t know how to recharge Glo card today? It’s quite possible to have forgotten the process of getting it done, or how to recharge Glo card to enjoy certain discounts and bonuses on the network. Or Perhaps…

It may be that you just got on the Globacom network when you get a new Glo SIM card and you’re new to all of the recharge codes on the network. it’s all good!

Never worry as you will be shown how to recharge Glo airtime, and other related actions such as sharing Glo data with friends and family, checking your Glo balance, buying data on the Glo network, and lots more.

How to Recharge Glo from your Bank account

Loading Glo card isn’t hard. These days you can choose to load Glo airtime from your mobile banking app or through USSD code. But if you do have a Glo recharge voucher here is what you need to do.

Here is the simple step to recharge Glo airtime from your mobile bank account using USSD code.

  1. Open up your mobile phone used to register for your bank account and BVN and dial *805#
  2. Select your bank from the list
  3. Enter the amount your wish to top-up
  4. Once the transaction go through, you will immediately receive SMS confirmation from the Glo network about your successful recharge.

How to load Glo card (Vouchers)

If for reason(s) you decided not to load Glo card from your bank account using the above method, here is how to load Glo recharge card vouchers.

You will have to meet a Glo recharge card vendor to purchase a Glo prepaid airtime voucher card containing concealed 15-digit PIN and some Unique serial numbers.

The PIN is concealed so that real buyers get to have access to the credit value. What you need to do is to reveal the codes by gently scratching the surface of the code.

Glo Nigeria codes contain a 15-digit PIN. A user inserts the recharge PIN in the following USSD format to perform a recharge on a Glo SIM.

Dial 123PIN # and then Send / Ok. For a clearer view, Let’s assume your Glo PIN is 3333 6686 9999 052. Dial on your mobile device,  123PIN# and then press the Send/Call button.

For example, 123333366869999052# and press Send/Call button.

How to Check Glo Balance

To check your Glo airtime balance, dial # 124 # then wait for an immediate response that shows on your phone screen what is left of your airtime. Please have in mind that the Recharge codes on this guide is only useful to users on the Glo prepaid network.

How to Load Glo Card with Serial Number

Due to increase in the numbers of people going online and searching for ‘how to load Glo card with serial numbers’, we have decided to add this extra tip on the page. The reason why anyone would want to load a recharge voucher with its serial number is when they have over scratched the recharge voucher they bought at the vendor and the PINS are no more visible.

In most cases, some people would even want to discard the card and proceed to get a new one, but here I’ll show you how not to discard such recharge cards and what you need to do instead to make the recharge card possible again without losing your money.

An easy regular link to the customer support may be used for GLO users who want to recover their faded or over-scratched recharge cards.

Glo’s customer support number is + 234-805-002-0121, and can be reached from other networks by dialing 121 and 200, which are free of charge for the GLO network.

How to Buy Glo data

If it is very much likely that you may run out of data very soon and you want to top up your data to remain connected. You can get started by dialing * 777 # to buy additional data usually you can get 1GB for just N500. If you need something better you can choose the best plan for you from the available options.

To simply buy data on Glo dial * 777 #, you will see an instant window that shows how to purchase data on Glo.

I hope you find this guide on how to load Glo card very useful, don’t hesitate to pass this guide around to your friends on social media who may also need it.


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