The Zenith Bank Token is a new and exciting way to pay for goods. It provides an easy and secure method of transaction with the added bonus of being transparent to both parties.

The token can be used by any person who has a smartphone, which means that it doesn’t have any restrictions on geographical location. This article will teach you how to get Zenith Bank Token in Nigeria so that you can enjoy all the benefits that come with this innovative payment system from Zenith Bank.

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Zenith Bank is a Nigerian financial institution that offers savings, loans, and credit cards. One of the features they offer to their customers are “z tokens.” How do you get Zenith Bank Tokens? Read on to keep in the know!

How to Get Zenith Bank Token?

Zenith bank tokens are digital currency that can be used to make payments on the Zenith Bank payment platform. To get z tokens, you need a smartphone and Android or iOS operating system in order to download and use their mobile app. The good news is that it’s free!

The first step of getting your token will be to visit the zenith bank branch nearest to you to op up an account.

Zenith E-Token

How To Get Zenith Bank Token

If you prefer not to go into a branch, you can also register online and get your z tokens on the same day! Once you’ve registered by entering all personal information necessary, including details about the phone number that will be used for their mobile app, then it’s time to link up with Zenith Bank’s API.

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Zenith Bank hard token can only gotten in the bank premise, for a cost of 3500, you may need to also register for internet banking .

The final step will be to download the mobile app and open a savings account if you don’t already have one.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to scan your bank card with their QR code reader in order to confirm that everything went well. This is necessary for security purposes so make sure you do not forget!

How to replace your Zenith Bank Hard Token if lost?

The token is a small device that can be used as an alternative to your bank card for accessing your money in any Zenith Bank ATM.

In case of loss or theft, it is not possible to replace the token but you will need to contact our call centre on 01-900-1817 (available 24 hours) and request a replacement service.

If you lost your Zenith Bank hard token, contact the bank for a replacement. You’ll need to pay another 3500 and might have to wait some time before getting it back because of security precautions.

You can also email with your name, phone number, account numbers and branch.

How to Keep your token safe?

Zenith Bank has also issued a security advisory to all customers. Do not allow anyone who is not authorized by the bank or yourself, access to your mobile phone and keep it out of sight when you are at work or in public places like banks.

Preventing unauthorized persons from viewing PINs on phones may deter them from stealing credits!

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You can append your token to your car key to keep them from getting lost, avoid water or putting token in a moisture environment to avoid getting damaged.

Impressive Features of Zenith Bank token

  • Increase transaction limit: N100,000 daily on mobile app and up to N5,000,000 on internet banking platform
  • Convenience: access to your account and mobile app without having to visit a branch
  • Security: digitally secure transactions that are protected by bank-grade encryption
  • Simplicity: login process is simplified for customers who use the internet banking platform
  • Have access to more features on the internet banking platform than just mobile app
  • Get to save money with new customers by removing commissions for international transactions
  • Use the Remita platform with internet banking

How to Use Token for Internet Banking

Visit the Zenith Bank Internet banking web page at

Select “Pin and Token” from the drop-down menu options, this is the default selection to make a transaction in your account securely online with just two codes: one for you (the pin) and another code that changes each time it’s used on any website worldwide so no other can ever use it again (your token).

Enter your four digit pin number without spaces; inputting them together with our 6 digit randomised unique security key will create an 8 character string which cannot be guessed or replicated by anyone else who tries logging into their own bank account using yours… Click ‘Login’.

To activate your Zenith Bank Token

  • Click the Zenith Bank activation page to create a token.
  • Enter your 10-digit account number and click proceed.
  • You will receive an OTP code via phone or email that you must enter in order to continue.
  • Get out the device from its packaging, turn it over on the back side (to reveal serial numbers),
  • Enter the token serial number with no (-) or space.
  • Key in the four-digit pin that you can easily remember and click on proceed.
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Zenith bank also recently launched its token. The zenith bank token can be used for transactions and payments of goods and services using internet or mobile banking platforms, as well as cashless payment of bills.

It’s clear that this type of digital technology has a lot of potential in Africa going forward.

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