How to Get/Use First Bank Token

First Bank Of Nigeria

The First bank token usually referred to as First token has made it possible for you to perform countless transactions from your internet device without going to the bank. In this article, we will give you information on how to get the first bank token.

To get the first bank token, you must have to walk into any of the First Bank branches in your location. On your entry, talk to their customer care representative and make a request for the hardware token form.

You’ll be given a form to fill, upon completing the form, wait patiently to get a reply from the bank. You can get the token on the same day or some days later, depending on the available number of hardware tokens in the bank.

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A lot of people are embracing the use of financial technology in today’s world. The First Bank token allows you to handle and process countless transactions from the bank’s internet banking system.

What’s First Token?

A First bank token is a security tool that gives you access to use the First bank online banking service to process and perform several transactions in your bank account.

Without this token, it may be impossible for you to use your First bank account and make transactions on it. Luckily, we will provide you with how to use this token number to perform transactions on your account.

The bank token is in two types; the soft token and the hardware or hard token. The soft token can be downloaded or generated for use while the hardware or hard token is obtained physically from the bank and it is used to generate security codes for your account transactions.

Whichever token you are using, it is imperative for you to keep your token confidential. In other words, do not disclose your token to a third-party for security purposes.

How To Use The First Token

To use the hardware token, simply login to your First Bank mobile banking application. Go to your ‘Account Setting’ and click ‘Token Synchronization’. Take your token number and press the button to generate a set of random numbers. Then enter the digits in the first field provided.

Press the button once more and enter the code in the second field provided. Then locate the serial number on the token, then enter the token in the right field. Press the confirm button.

You can finally use the token after activating it. Simply press the button when you want to gain access to your account. When you do this, the key number will be generated for you to use. You can use this hard token for all transactions including money transfer, so ensure that you keep the token safely.

First Bank Soft Token

If you are already using the hardware token and you want to use the soft token, you must first deactivate the hard token. Then, you should download the First bank mobile app and register.

The hard token and soft token is a digital tool user will use to create protection keys and the soft token is an application that can be accessed from the mobile and used to generate pin numbers.

You should visit the bank to get the hard token device or alternatively grab a soft token from your mobile phone stores.

You’ll find two fields; the serial number and the activation code. The serial number is used for those who want to activate hardware token but the activation code is for those who want to use the soft token.

To get an activation code, visit any First Bank branch around you. After completing the necessary registration procedures at the bank, you will be given a code to use for funds transfer and other transactions.

How do I get my first bank OTP code?

When you have obtained the one-time password on your phone, you simply enter the numbers in the provided box and complete the transaction if it is right. You will press * 322 * 0 # if you do not get an OTP, and the OTP would be generated and sent to your mobile.


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