How Do Facebook Accounts Get Hacked Easily in 2020

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How do Facebook accounts get Hacked ?

If you have ever known someone that uses the Facebook app and the person made sure they completed all the Facebook accounts security setup which includes

  • Stronger Password
  • App password
  • 2FA security
  • Using trusted contacts
  • Getting alert about unrecognized login

And they felt like there is no possible way their Facebook account can be compromised, afterwards, their Facebook account still gets hacked.

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You will begin to wonder How do Facebook accounts get hacked.

Well, the truth is Hackers have a special way of hacking your Facebook accounts without having to do any form of hard work or cracking.

How do Facebook accounts get hacked.

But then, there is a routine you will follow that will make your Facebook accounts becomes impossible to hack.

So in this article, you are going to learn:

  • How do Facebook accounts get hacked
  • Ways your Facebook account can get hacked
  • How to prevent your Facebook accounts from getting hacked

How do Facebook Accounts Get Hacked

Irrespective of the security setup you must have done to protect your Facebook accounts from hackers

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Hackers can still compromise your Facebook account. Care to know how?

8 Ways Your Facebook Account Can get Hacked

Listed below are possible ways your Facebook accounts can get hacked.

  1. Phishing page
  2. Keylogging
  3. Facebook password stealers
  4. Session Hijacking
  5. Sidejacking
  6. Mobile phone hacking
  7. DNS Spoofing
  8. USB hacking

Phishing Page

In this case, a hacker creates a fake login page which exactly looks like the real Facebook page and then asks the victim to log in.

Once the victim logs in through the fake page, the victims

  • Email Address and
  • Password

The Phishing page stores it in a text file, and the hacker then downloads the text file and gets his hands on the victim’s credentials.


Here the hacker installs software on the victim’s computer which sends him the details of everything that goes on.

Facebok Password Stealers

Are you fund of saving your password on web browsers so that you won’t be asked to input a password on your next login.

Storing log in details on web browsers is dangerous.

Stealers are software designed to capture saved passwords stored in web browsers.

Session Hijacking

Session Hijacking happens when you access Facebook on an HTTP. The hacker steals the browser cookie and uses it to access your account. Avoid connecting to untrusted LAN, and WiFi connections.


This works when the attacker and victim are on the same WiFi network. Victims are especially those who love connecting to random free public WiFi.

Mobile Phone Hacking

The hacker can gains access to the victim’s mobile phone and monitors it, using a Mobile Spying software.

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DNS Spoofing

The attacker uses a fake page and keylogging to access the victim’s Facebook account.

USB Hacking

A hacker could just insert a programmed, USB to automatically extract saved passwords in the Internet browser.

There are other advanced methods. Please secure your Facebook account today.

How to protect your Facebook account from getting hacked 2020

  • Make sure to complete all the Facebook account security measures.
  • Avoid storing your Facebook credentials on web browsers.
  • Avoid using unknown public WiFi.
  • Avoid allowing strangers to access your phone without your guidance.
  • Don’t login into third party page that looks like Facebook, and that is not Facebook.
  • Make use of a strong password with the combination, upper and lower case, numbers and symbol’s

Why Do Hackers Want Your Account

Have you ever wondered why hackers would ever want to hack your Facebook account?

More especially if you have an old Facebook account you are under attack from hackers

So, If you don’t know the reasons, here you go.

  • They hack your Facebook account and sell it off to fraudsters
  • There are places on Darkweb where people pay for unique Facebook usernames
  • If you are influential they manipulate your account to scam people

So hackers can hack your account and sell it off there anytime and make their money


I am glad to have showed you How do Facebook account get hacked. So that you will not be taken unaware.

Meanwhile, Facebook is not the Only social media whose users are targeted by cyber criminals.

Several, Password stealers are claiming to steal Twitter , Instagram Password and lots more other social media acccoutns.

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Just stay safe out there.

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