How to check Your MTN Phone Number Easily


I assume you ‘re here because you want to learn how to check your MTN number and you’ll find out the quickest way of doing it here.

You will agree with me that it is one thing to know how to use a mobile phone and it’s another thing to have to remember your phone number when you are asked.

It is quite understandable and tenable that most of us have to use more than one mobile. The increased use of mobile networks throughout Nigeria and the entire world is making millions of users benefit from different providers.

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Today we have multiple telecommunications companies in Nigeria and consumers are privileged to pick from Glo, Airtel, MTN, and 9Mobile. Telecoms don’t stop making things better in their service offering to compete effectively in the industry, with new ideas every day, MTN is the leader of innovative stuff and services, and they have a very large base of users when compared to other telecom providers in the country.

In reality, it may seem very difficult to not remember your phone number. It also occurs sometimes because you have just purchased an extra SIM card, but you have left the former for another network after a certain period. In such a scenario, whether you don’t take time to memorize it, you might find it hard to recall the phone number from time to time.

In situations you have to give out your phone number, not having it in memory can be a big issue, And it’s hard to focus on one network provider here in Nigeria, Some guy uses have SIM card of almost all the four major networks, one for internet modem / Mifi, another for call cheap tariff plan, etc.

There are even occasions when you only have a new SIM card, and you find it tough to remember the SIM numbers, this is something that has occurred to me before, and often I consider loading airtime into the SIM and calling someone near me to remind me when the phone rings. Not everybody can have the luxury of time for you to do that before you can hand out your mobile number to them.

The guide on how to quickly check your MTN number will come in handy for all new customers who have had little opportunity to remember their MTN number. You need not be pissed! It will interest you to know that there is more than one way to check the MTN number of your SIM card on the go.

Read on to find out what you can do when it’s necessary to remember the MTN number.

  1. USSD Code to check MTN number

MTN, as we mentioned earlier, is one of the most innovative telecom providers in the country, the Network provider makes access to information a top priority with easy access. So checking your MTN number is just a few codes away. All you have to do is:

  • open up your mobile phone and dial *123#-is the dedicated USSD code to check MTN number,
  • Select option 1
  • Proceed to choose the option to go to ‘My Number’ from My tools menu
  • Your phone number will immediately popup on the screen to you and you can as well have it sent to your SMS inbox for free.

*123*1*1# – see MTN number you can as well use the USSD code *663# – to display your MTN number.

2. Call a friend

When you see ‘Call a friend’ what comes to your mind is Who wants to be a millionaire game show, when you are on the hot seat you can call a friend who you trust to help, so also if you have a friend around you, the fastest way to get your MTN number is to call them on your Phone.

It may even be that you just meet an old friend and you don’t know your number off hand already, all you need to do is ask for your friend’s phone number and dial-up on your mobile phone, immediately your call goes through.

Your friend will see your phone digits and dave up, this method is the smartest and less embarrassing, you don’t have to portray yourself as the clueless guy who don’t even know his phone number because usually no chance to tell the valid excuse around it.

3. Using MTN self-service

MTN has deployed a readily available self-service portal available round the clock to meet the needs of her numerous customer and as well ease the burden on their customer service representative, knowing fully well that there are issues like check MTN phone number customers can get to sort themselves out with the help of such platform.

The platform is super easy to use, you just need your PIN and phone number to get on board. You can as well use the mobile version of the MTN self service portal where you can send a SMS ‘Care’ to a number 5018. Then the network will send you an instant download link to the mobile app called MyMTN App.

From the MYMTN App, all information that matters about you as a customer of MTN can be accessed and check including your MTN number. So if you already have the app on your mobile phone all you need do is to open up, connect to the internet and straightaway you have your mobile number displayed right in front of you. Isn’t that cool?

4. Send call Me back

You can’t forget that year, when call me back was very effective among telecom users in Nigeria, it works by sending some code lines combined with another recipient number to send a preformatted SMS such as Pls Call me Back to another user, this usually serves a good purpose for people who run out of credit or airtime and needs to connect to people whether in an emergency.

For example, a student that is stranded and needs to speak with mum or dad can simply initiate a call me back and have the parents call him or her back. It is common because it’s free.

You can as well use the Call me back feature to get your MTN number, if you have any of your friends close to you who is also a MTN customer, you can send them a call me back SMS and once the SMS delivers they will be able to see the sender’s number that is your MTN number.

MTN call me back service is still free, and the USSD code remains *133#

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5. Call a customer service representative

Finally, if you run out of options then you can call the MTN customer care, this may not work when you are in a hurry as it would take some time to get through to the service operatives, it is a good thing to do when you have some free time, put a call through and your mobile phone number will be sent as a message to your phone number.

That’s all on how to check your MTN number easily.


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