How Can I load Airtel Recharge Card with Data?

Airtel Nigeria

airtel.pngAre you Looking for a way to load data with the Airtel recharge card? Then you need to see this guide.

Often times, you would agree to the fact that we all have been in situations whereby we have loads of data with little or no airtime to call our loved ones.


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Airtel Nigeria sought for a way to solve this issue, by providing a blueprint whereby you can recharge a single card that will serve both data and voice services.

For those who might be wondering what or who Airtel is, Airtel is one of the country’s leading telecommunication operator that provides telecommunication services to Nigerians.

Airtel designed a dual-Purpose recharge card that provides customers the opportunity to be able to recharge for both data and voice services with the purchase of a single recharge card.

This is great news, isn’t it?

If you’re curious how to go about loading these airtel recharge card with data, Here is how to go about things:

Steps to Load Airtel recharge card with data

Well, this is quite simple, To load Airtel recharge card with data, be sure to know that the Airtel recharge pin comes in 100 naira, 500 naira, and 5000 naira units, while the e-pins comes in 100 naira, 200 naira, 300 naira, 500 naira, 1000 nair and 5000 naira, so the amount of data and voice services you will get depends on how much Airtym you recharge.

To load the Airtel recharge card with data, simply dial 126your recharge PIN and then #.
This method of recharge is not different from the old system of recharging.

The only thing that’s different is that you have to dial 143recharge PIN and # to be able to subscribe to their data services.

However, the amount of bonus you receive is dependent on how much you recharge.
If you load 100 naira and 500 naira, you will be gifted with 60% data bonus, if you load within the range of 1000 naira to 5000 naira, you will be gifted with 30% bonus.

I hope you enjoyed the guide, if you have any further concern, please use the comment section


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