10 Hot Business Ideas in Nigeria (Low Capital Startup 2021)


Are you looking for lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that you can start with low capital? This is for you!

If you are looking for hot business ideas that you can start in the year 2021, see the top 10 fastest growing business ideas in Nigeria to start with small capital

Waiting for white-collar jobs in both private and public offices is becoming an old trend in Nigeria because many people end up wasting valuable time and resources applying to these agencies without getting a positive end result.

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Being self-employed and independent is the latest trend that anyone who wants to be very successful in Nigeria should start practicing.

Fastest growing Business Ideas in Nigeria with Low Start Capital 2021

The business ideas listed here have been projected to stand the test of time and also give lot of profit in a short time. Below is the breakdown of 10 the hottest business opportunities in Nigeria in 2021.


This is one of the most profitable businesses that just need capital and after that, it is all profit. Video games are being released every year and there are millions of them that attract thousands of gamers.

Opening a game center would attract lots of customers especially the youth because there are many people in Nigeria who would want to play video games but cannot afford them so they turn to game centers.


This is another business that would always bring 100’s of customers daily provided that it is set up in a strategic position and your service is excellent.

People tend to get very busy with work that they don’t have time to cook and they are many people who don’t like eating packaged food (Biscuits, Cakes, Doughnuts etc.)

They prefer real cooked food. Setting up a fast-food restaurant in a location with high human traffic is a great business idea in Nigeria.


This business is highly untapped in Nigeria because people are not aware of how profitable it is. They are dogs which puppies cost more than 80 thousand nairas per one.

Imagine having such a dog and it gives birth to 9 puppies, that would be 720 thousand nairas and they are dogs and a normal dog can have 3 litter per year.

That is an amazing 2.1 million naira in a year and imagine if you have 3 females does produce that much every year.


Being a writer doesn’t have to end with publishing books and journals, as a writer you can go into freelancing, write resumes, business ideas, movie scripts, projects, and thesis for people who are willing to pay handsomely for that. Are you good at writing, they are several opening online that you should apply for and make cool money with ease.


Every business (Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Security Agencies, etc.) is going digital and that means having a platform that their customers can interact with their products and services.

As an App developer in Nigeria, you can be swimming in millions of Naira to develop and maintain apps for companies.

Being an App developer is a good job that can be handled by either a male or a female provided they have good experience in programming and development, they are several places where you can learn programming for almost free.


This is one of the best and stress-free business that you should try out in Nigeria. Mini importation is buying goods (computers, phones, wristwatches, accessories, clothes, shoes, pieces of jewelry, etc.) that are sold at a cheap price in foreign countries and they sell them here at a profitable price in Nigeria.


Agriculture is a very profitable business in Nigeria and many people are into livestock farming but instead of venturing into the overly congested business, you can improvise and start manufacturing the supplements that these farmers need to feed their livestock.


People usually make jest of other people who go about sorting metals from the ground and most of us think of them as crazy people.

They are several international and local production companies that work with metals and are willing to pay millions of naira for those metals.

You can start up your metal scrapyard where you buy such metals from people who are willing to find them for a little amount of money, then you resell them to those companies for a huge amount of money.


An online advertising agency is another fast-growing business idea that saw tremendous growth in Nigeria in 2019. This mode of advertising is rapidly taking over from TV advertising because people now spend more time on the internet than watching TV.

According to the business forecaster, the number of people and companies that would switch from TV to online advertising would be significantly high in 2021. This business is rarely used in Nigeria so it would be profitable to start early and make a strong presence.


This is one of the most profitable and fastest-growing business in Nigeria that would give high turn out in a matter of months.

They are lots of festive periods in Nigeria, they are thousands of restaurants as well so if you go into poultry farming you will attract lots of commercial and small-scale clients.

Meat is highly consumed in Nigeria as we have few vegetarians, an average Nigerian eats with 2 pieces of meat in their food and almost all Nigerian consume meat or animal-based products every day.


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