Home Economics Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students

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Welcome to mitrobenetwork, In today’s exam question sections for Junior secondary school students, you will get yourself acquainted with free Home Economics Exam Question For Junior Secondary School Students.

SUBJECT:    Home Economics         


  1. Home economics teaches how to _________, resources and _______ (a) manage materials and money (b) manage ourselves and houcehold (c) manage our food and money
  2. Which is not an area in home economics (a) family living (b) home training (c) food and nutrition
  3. Which of these is study of food and nutrients? (a) food and nutrition (b) food and nutrient (c) none of the above
  4. _______ teaches how to make wise decision when selecting goods and services (a) customer’s education (b) home management (c) consumers education
  5. All of these is related to home economics except? (a) family living (b) applied art (c) chemistry
  6. Family living teaches people how to maintain __________ in the family (a) peace (b) balance (c) good relationship
  7. Home economics is important in the development of ______, family and _______ (a) persons and country (b) individual and nation (c) behavior and community
  8. Designing and modeling (a) clothing and textile (b) teaching (c) clothing and fabric dyeing
  9. Home economics help people to start their own business (a) true (b) false (c) none of the above
  10. Home economics _______ in the country (a) brings increase food (b) reduce poverty (c) enhance family living
  11. Hair grows from a narrow tube in the skin called ________ (a) hair collicle (b) hair horticle (c) hair follicle
  12. Hair follicles has _________ near its base (a) oil gland (b) lubricant (c) oil
  13. Which is not a part of the eye (a) eye lips (b) cornea (c) pupil
  14. The nose consist of bone and _______ (a) septum (b) membrane (c) cartilage
  15. The nerves that runs from the nose to the brain is called _______ (a) septum (b) olfactory (c) watery
  16. The nerves found in the ear is called ________ (a) septum (b) olfactory (c) auchtory
  17. Milk teeth are _________ in unmbers while the permanent teeth are __________ in numbers (a) 24 and 30 (b) 24 and 32 (c) 24 and 33
  18. ________ is used for tearing food (a) premuar (b) dog teeth (c) molar
  19. Sweat and perspiration passes out through? (a) dermis pores (b) tiny pores (c) sweat pores
  20. The nail consist of _______, nail bed and _________ (a) nail crescent and cuticles (b) nail crisent and cuticles (c) nail crescent and corticles

SECTION B – Answer question one and any other two questions

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1a.     What is hoemeconomics?

  1. Enumerate 5 cancers in home economics
  2. Mention 2 importance each of home economic to (i) family (ii) nation

2a.     Mention the types of hair and explain any two.

  1. Mention 6 parts of the eyes.
  2. What is optical nerve?

3a.     Explain the term septum and state its function

  1. What are olfactory nerve?
  2. mention the parts of the ears.

4a.     State the types of teeth found in human

  1. Mention the parts of teeth
  2. Differentiate between olfactory nerve and auditory nerve.

5a.     What is skin?

  1. List the types of skin and 3 functions of skin
  2. mention the layers of skin.

6a.     Mention 3 common eye defects

  1. Mention 4 constituents of the nail
  2. Mention 4 care of the eyes

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