The sociologist’s job is to ask questions about the society around him and to try to answer them by going beyond ready-made explanations or preconceived ideas. With that definition seeming so basic and uninspiring, many graduates in the field want to know what the highest paying jobs with sociology degree.

First let’s break down who a sociologist is.

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What Does a Sociologist Do?

A sociologist analyses the mechanisms that govern the relationships between individuals and groups, especially the relationships specific to a given group. He studies phenomena, social behaviour and the evolution of societies.

The individual is a kind of social investigator who seeks to understand the functioning of society by seeking information, clues from the individuals, communities and groups that make it up.

The discipline is at the crossroads of several specialties like history, economics, anthropology, psychology, statistics, etc, meaning some of the highest paying jobs with sociology degree cascade into other fields.

Despite this, opportunities are low and positions are few. Nonetheless, here are the highest paying jobs with sociology degree.

Highest Paying Jobs with Sociology Degree

  1. Social Researcher
  2. Life Coach
  3. Human Resources Officer
  4. Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)
  5. Higher Education Lecturer
  6. Social Worker
  7. Marketing Executive
  8. Civil/Public Administration Officer
  9. Charity/Fundraising Officer
  10. Police officer

1. Social Researcher

The social researcher or social scientist collects and analyses information on developments, trends and attitudes in society. Their findings are used to help make social policy, comment on aspects of modern life, sell goods and services.

They usually work for a local or central government, independent study centres, market research, or higher education. Due to the wide scope of openings, as well as its strong affiliation with government, this tops the echelon of the highest paying jobs with sociology degree.

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Average annual salary: $62,256*

2. Life Coach

Do you like helping others? Then become a life coach to help people achieve their personal and / or professional goals. To further sweeten the pot, it is one of the highest paying jobs with sociology degree.

Also called a personal coach, life coaches help people find solutions to their problems, helping them identify one or more personal or professional goals and then achieve them.

Several themes can be addressed during a coaching session: job search, professional reorientation, work or personal problems, divorce, separation, approaching exam, addiction, weight loss

They also work with people suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, and even with people addicted to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.

What makes a life coach profession second on this list of highest paying jobs with sociology degree, is they literally work with everyone: children, adults and the elderly.

Average Annual Salary: $59,630

3. Human Resources Officer

The Human Resources Manager takes responsibility for the HR function of a site, a geographical area, an establishment or a subsidiary.

This function has a strong operational aspect, while having the mission of implementing the strategy. Group HR in line with the specificities of the managed entity and its population.

The HR is one of the highest paying jobs with sociology degree because it harnesses the full range of one’s knowledge as a sociologist.

Average annual salary: $58,728

4. Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

As a SENCO, you will be an experienced teacher passionate about supporting students with special educational needs.

Working closely with the principal and other senior colleagues, SENCOs use leadership skills to manage provision in schools and to support other teachers.


The responsibilities will include designing and delivering interventions with students in the classroom and implementing the school strategy. SENCOs may also have classroom teaching duties and could be working in one school or in multiple schools.

Being the juxtaposition of a teacher and other roles, this is justifiably one of the highest paying jobs with sociology degree.

Average annual salary: $56,398

5. Higher Education Lecturer

The higher education lecturer, also called the university or college lecturer, teaches academic or occupational subjects to students in further or higher education.

They prepare and give classes, seminars and small classes. College professors evaluate work, write student progress reports, correct tests and may also carry out research work and have some administrative duties.

With the advanced level of service delivery, lecturers are without a doubt one of the highest paying jobs with sociology degree.

Average annual salary: $56,377

6. Social Worker

Social workers are trained to understand the functioning and problems of society, as well as human behaviour. Often, they specialize in effectively addressing a specific group, such as adolescents.

Along with other specialists, they work with people in difficulty, particularly in hospitals, schools and youth centres. They sometimes act as family mediators.

Due to their strong ties to these macrocosms of soicety, they are highly sought and subsequently one of the highest paying jobs with sociology degree.

Average annual salary: $54,262

7. Marketing Executive

The job of a marketing executive is to combine the products and services that a company produces with the needs of customers, both current and potential, which places them at the heart of business operations.

Without the valuable research carried out by marketing executives, companies would be blind the needs of their customers, which justifies it as one of the highest paying jobs with sociology degree today.

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Average annual salary: $53,643

8. Civil/Public Service Administrator

This is the highest grade in the civil service, therefore deserving of being one of the highest paying jobs with sociology degree.

Administrators can work both in the state civil service and in the territorial civil service.

  • In the first case, they work within ministries, the Council of State, the Court of Auditors, in the prefectures, embassies, etc.
  • In the second, they work with a municipality, a public establishment, a general council, a HLM office, etc

Average annual salary: $51,126

9. Charity/Fundraising Officer

The fundraiser brings in money for solidarity operations. To do this, they collect funds from companies or patrons using well-argued financial files.

On the other hand, they organize events or citizen mobilizations in order to solicit the generosity of the public.

As one of the highest paying jobs with sociology degree, they usually work at the headquarters of an NGO (non-governmental organization) or in an agency specializing in marketing.

Average annual salary: $48,794

10. Police Officer

Despite the significant risk to both health, well-being and life, a job as a police officer just about sneaks into this list of highest paying jobs with sociology degree.

However, right from the entry level the income of this professionals is quite enticing.

Average annual salary: $48,418

*Salary estimates extracted from ZipRecruiter

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