30 Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2021

Hidden Iphone Secret Codes

Most Android phone users have now understood that the Android framework has some exclusive secret codes and functionalities they can use to get some more information about and around their mobile devices.

We have in our previous post also debunked some of those secret Android codes and explained in detail their many functionalities and how to put them into use.

In today’s guide, we intend to do the same thing for iPhone users and readers, we shall explain some hidden iPhone secret codes and how to use them on your mobile iPhone devices to get some underhood-information about your mobile phone.

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These secret codes make you appear impressively smart to your friends and family, simply because there are few users who have full knowledge of the codes and what they are used for, much the codes are in long numbers, so many think it’s not worth to memorize since they already have enough of stuff to mind, but if you’re the geeky type this codes can truly establish your geekiness.

In addition, every particular smartphone has its own collection of secret codes, extracted from its manufacturer. So, sometimes it can be hard to monitor and use all secret code. So, in this article, we ‘re going to list out some of the best top secret codes for iPhone and its functions.

To use any of these codes, you will need to dial them on your mobile devices, it will show you some mobile-specific information such as IMEI details, account balance, call barring to activate and deactivate, troubleshoot codes, call masking, etc.

iPhones are definitely easy to operate phones as their operating system has been designed as we already know to “make the difficult easy”.

Apple has always thought about the customer and therefore its maximum, has been to design very understandable devices so that its users do not have to get too complicated when it comes to adjusting or configuring any of its parameters.

Despite this ease and simplicity, we may sometimes be looking for some specific information on our phone, but we don’t know where to find it. Luckily for its users, iPhone has a series of “secret codes” which act as direct commands, and will allow us to obtain detailed and additional information about the device and its current settings.

With these codes we will be able to unlock different functions and new information about our iPhone. Some settings can also be modified from the traditional iOS Settings app but this method is certainly much more appealing.

How to use the codes

These secret codes are usally a combination of numbers and *(asterisks) and (pad). They are used from the iPhone keyboard. All there is to do is open the phone call app and dial.

Depending on the type of code, to access it, you have to press on the call key or not. Some shortcodes will run automatically without the need for this action. This depends on whether the merge targets a support environment or on the device itself.

Display iPhone IMEI code

Use the code to check the hardware information of a mobile and also see the IMEI of the mobile device

iPhone Settings

This code will release your field mode, which includes all personal iPhone settings, mobile details, and the latest network.

Call forwarding

To set up call forwarding with a carrier code, all you need to do is open the keypad of your handset, enter the code followed by the number you want to forward calls to, then press the call button.

The code you submit to allow or disable forwarding may vary based on your carrier. You should also reach the website of your carrier to figure out the codes to use, but here’s a selection of codes for main US carriers:

AT&T’s. To activate, dial * * 21 *, with the ten-digit phone number you want to forward the calls to. To disable, #21#.
IT-Mobile. To activate, dial * * 21 * with ten-digit phone number. For disabling, dial ## 21 #.

Check minutes available

  • *646# for postpaid users
    *225# for Postpaid users

Check the Bill Balance

Account balance check for prepaid users

Check call control bars

You can check all of your mobile’s control bars by using this iPhone code. You can as well use to see if barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing calls on your mobile.

Diagnostic menu Activation code


The information that appears on this menu is very technical and gets you informed on your network status. We can find the numerical value of the signal strenght, as well as other information that has to do with your GSM and UMTS network.

Call restriction status

  • # 33 #

Enable call restriction

  • 33 * pin

Turn off call restriction

33 * pin #

This hidden code will help us test the status of restrictions on all outgoing phone calls, the usage of email, information etc. Call restriction is also used to shield us from other unintended calls.

Thanks to this activation code, we will make sure there will be no phone calls during this time. It is better than, for example, placing airplane mode, because unlocking is a few button press away.

Call waiting

Call-on state on hold

  • # 43 #

Activate call waiting

  • 43 #

Disable call waiting


This small code is to know if the waiting request is triggered on our phone or not. This setup helps us to answer more calls, even though we have another conversation going on. Some calls leap to the queue of waiting. If this occurs, we’ll be alerted with an alarm sound when there’s another request for us to determine whether to respond or not and keep or hang one of the calls.

Call forwarding

Forward all * # 21 #

Not localizable

  • # 62 #


  • # 67 #

Disable all forwarding

##002 #

In the event that we are unable to answer our calls and want to forward them to another number,we can do so by another of these codes. We can use these codes to forward all calls, when we are busy or un localizable.

Hidden calls

State calls in hidden

• 31 + Phone number + “Call”

This code we have to use in case we want the person who receives our call to not be able to see our number on their screen as we will be hiding it. For this to happen, we must enter the code in front of the phone number we want to call.

In case we want to always keep our number hidden, we can configure it from the settings of our iPhone.

Identification of incoming calls

Status incoming calls

  • 30 + “Call”

This code is used to verify that the identification of the calls we receive on our phone is visible or not. Our provider’s text message center number

Sms Center

  • 5005 * 7672 + “Call”

With this code we will have access to our provider’s text message center number.

iPhone Prepaid Account status

*777 #

Expense balance

*225 #

Minutes spent on iPhone with prepaid


SMS Service Center Number

#50057672 #



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