Here Are The Nutritional Benefits of Already Made Foods

The world is fast-changing. With the modern revolution in various industrial sectors, preparing food at home is becoming near impossible. 

This is especially true for those whose lives resonate around longer corporate hours or military service. 

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While it’s tempting to overlook the benefits of healthy, home-prepared foods, the number of people turning to Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) is skyrocketing.

For this reason, meal kit companies are keen to make MRE replicate all nutritional benefits of fresh homemade dishes. 

Here are a few benefits of MREs that give them an edge over homemade dishes.  

  • They Perk Essential Vitamins 

Your body cannot produce all the essential vitamins that you need to enhance immunity and the ability to fight diseases. 

To stay fit, you should make sure to incorporate vitamin-rich foods such as fruits, dairy products, and vegetables. 

Also, backing on the sun can help strengthen your bones while still helping increase your vitamin D counts in the body. 

A single packet of MRE contains approximately one-third of Vitamins and Minerals recommended as a daily requirement for the military in the US. 

Only one meal is enough to provide your body with Vitamin A, B, C, and D, so you don’t have to worry about buying supplementary products. 

  • They Contain Protein

You’ve probably seen photos of the military giving children in war-torn countries packets of MREs. 

In some pictures, the children are thin and emaciated as a result of prolonged hunger. The logic behind this act of humanity is to help the little angels regain their initial muscular states by enhancing muscular development. 


Military-grade MREs specifically contain the essential proteins your body needs for growth and cell division. 

They blend real protein and natural products you require to recover and repair muscles in your body. 

Popular ingredients you’re likely to meet in most MREs include milk, fish, salmon, eggs, soybean, jellyfish, peanuts, and nut flavors. All these ingredients are a good source of proteins that can cost you a fortune should you opt to buy them from a local store or grocery. 

  • They Are A Good Source Of Both High And Low Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the energy powerhouse that keeps you moving.  You need both high and low-carb diets to fuel your brain, kidney, limp, nervous system, and heart muscles.

After a meal of high carb, you’re likely to feel full and satisfied. In such a state, your blood cholesterol level is under check. Some carb diets are also a good source of fiber that aids in digestion and bowel movements. 

Unfortunately, eating too many carbs can increase your body’s metabolic rate. And with high sugar intakes from foods rich in starch, you can gain excess weight and accelerate your vulnerability to heart problems. 

A full military-grade MRE contains approximately 184g of carbohydrates, while a full civilian MRE contains 195g of carbohydrates. 

The manufacturers have rationed these carbs strategically to help minimize vulnerability to obesity and other lifestyle diseases. 

Quinoa, the most popular ingredient in MREs, is relatively high in fibers and proteins. Some other ingredients in MREs that help with carb intake include whole grains and nuts. 

If you’re always keen on counting your calories, you may have probably thought of eliminating a few foods from your diet or embarking on intermittent fasting. You might also be thinking about hitting the gym to melt excess fat off your body.

The good news is, tossing a few packets of MREs in your regular diet can help you cut corners. 

MREs contain a range of low carbs that are effective at weight loss. They tend to reduce your appetite for food hence allowing you to cut weight automatically. You need not count your calories. 

Even more, MREs will let you eat to your full–until you feel satisfied, yet they won’t increase your weight. But this doesn’t mean you should eat too much of the meal since you can potentially compromise your body activeness. 

  • They Provide Metabolic Raw Materials

Your dietitian may have probably told you to include foods rich in metabolic raw materials to help with bone formation, healthy muscles, and radiant skin. Or minimize risks to metabolic diseases such as maple syrup urine and hunter’s syndrome. 

MREs contain nutritious metabolic raw materials that are central to the activity of the body cells. Not only do these materials aid cellular chemical reactions, but also keep cells in their right pathways for proper coordination and internal orderliness.


MREs are a cheaper and convenient way to meet your dietary requirements without spending too much. These meals are easy to prepare as you only need to warm them up. They also allow you to dash a few extra ingredients should you want to enhance the taste or flavor of your meal.

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