With the pursuit of good health becoming more frenetic than ever, medical professionals are striving to improve their services but more importantly their credentials in their respective fields. What better and quicker way is there to achieve a richer medical CV than by acquiring a healthcare certification.

In this article we have compiled 10 of the best healthcare certification programs in 2021.

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Best Healthcare Certification Programs 2021

  1. Certified Emergency Medical Technician
  2. Certified Behaviour Technician
  3. Certified Medical Assistant
  4. Certified Medical Assistant
  5. Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist
  6. Certified Medical Coder
  7. Certified Phlebotomist
  8. Certified EKG Technician
  9. Certified Sterile Processing Technician
  10. Certified Veterinary Assistant

1. Certified Emergency Medical Technician 

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), also referred to as an ambulance technician, is a medical attendant that provides emergency medical services. This certified medical professionals are different from paramedics in the UK and USA.

The goal is to provide basic life-saving techniques within 4 minutes and advanced life-saving techniques within 8 minutes, which makes an EMT synonymous to a first aid administrator.

EMTs are the most common healthcare certifications and the training duration is between  120 to 150 hours to obtain certification. EMTs take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam. The certification expires within 2-3 years.

To obtain this healthcare certification, a trainee would need to have learnt the emergency treatment and preliminary physiological concepts in internal medicine and surgery.

2. Certified Behaviour Technician

A certified Behaviour Technician (Registered Behavior Technician RBT) is an assistant paraprofessional who practices under the continuous close supervision of a far more qualified behaviour analyst.

This healthcare certification, issued by BACB, will see RBTs work in private or public intervention centres using behaviour programs while under the face-to-face or remote supervision of a behaviour analyst, assistant behaviour analyst, or a trained supervisor.

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3. Certified Medical Assistant

The certified medical assistant takes care of the reception and the information of the patients. They plan the activities of the doctor and ensure the administrative follow-up of the doctor’s office, the hospital department, etc.

Since the medical assistant acts as a lifesaving intermediary between the doctor and the patients, a healthcare certification, issued by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), is necessary.

4. Certified Pharmacy Technician

A certified pharmacy technician is required to:

  • Fill out and control the products, billing and information in pharmacy establishments.
  • Dispense drugs and parapharmacy products, inform customers about their use, determine simple anatomical-physiological parameters and promote healthy habits in customers.
  • Prepare medicinal, dietary and cosmetic preparations, under established protocols and physician supervision.
  • Perform elementary and standardized clinical analyzes, under the supervision of the physician

This healthcare certification is issued by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

5. Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist

The Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist is in charge of transferring health data from charts into the Electronic Health Record.

This e-document contains the digital format of the health data of a human subject or of a group, which includes the state of health at different times of life (of the individual or of the group) and the actions that were developed to determine and/or modify it.

To be tasked with such an important role, an healthcare certification from the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) is needed.

6. Certified Medical Coder

Medical coders are responsible for interpreting clinical documentation and relaying this information to patients. Certified medical coders obtain their certifications from the AAPC.

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Medical coders work in different types of settings, including physician’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, surgical centers, dental offices, home health care agencies, or other care facilities health.

7. Certified Phlebotomist

Acquiring a healthcare certification in phlebotomist is one of the more interesting options in the medical line, because this is only mandatory in two states.

The job involves working in a medical laboratory and will see personel:

  • Collect blood or tissue samples, or other samples from patients for laboratory analysis;
  • Note patient samples and prepare them for analysis;
  • Clean and maintain the medical laboratory and its equipment;
  • Label and classify samples and tissue samples;
  • Load and use equipment to perform laboratory analyzes;
  • Drop drops of blood and other fluids on the slides for microscopic examinations;
  • Prepare chemical solutions and stocks of culture media;
  • Seed samples for culture of bacteria;
  • Transport specimens to the laboratory;
  • Use computers to enter and analyze data;
  • Dispose of hazardous waste and sterilize equipment.

There are five bodies offering healthcare certifications for phlebotomy, namely:

  1. The American Certification Agency (ACA)
  2. The American Medical Technologists (AMT)
  3. The National Centre for Competency Testing (NCCT)
  4. American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)
  5. National Phlebotomy Association (NPA)

8. Certified EKG Technician

This Medical assistant is in control of devices that perform studies on cardiology, their handling and placement of necessary electrodes for the patient.

These technicians operate and control the electrocardiograph that records electrical potentials to determine diffuse or localized pathological changes in order to obtain data to facilitate medical diagnosis.

To obtain a Healthcare certification, EKG Technicians should be able to expertly recognise waves in EKG, as well as understand circulation, anatomy, vital signs and blood pressure.

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The National Healthcareer Association (NHA), is the issuing authority for this.

9. Certified Sterile Processing Technician

A central sterilization processing technician is a medical professional who specializes in storing, sterilizing, packaging, and preparing tools and equipment used in surgical procedures.

This technician frequently takes an inventory of surgical tools and accessories and obtains additional supplies when needed. Medical professionals in this role are often held responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and safety of operating rooms, tables, and equipment.

These individuals may work in a number of different medical settings, including general hospitals, public health clinics, private medical offices, and specialty surgical centers.

The CRCST certification program is the introductory healthcare certification for Sterile Processing Professionals.

10. Certified Veterinary Assistant

A veterinary assistant is a veterinary doctor’s right hand, who meldmakesappointments, manages the client file and welcomes clients and their animals.

This professional also prepares orders for products and medicines and plays an important role in advising customers on the purchase of accessories, food products, hygiene, care, etc.

With the level of responsibilities shouldered by this assistants, a healthcare certification, issued by NAVTA becomes necessary.

The veterinary assistant can be recruited by a private practice or clinic and works most of the time in the city, more rarely in the countryside.


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