Hard Rock Nick Net Worth, Biography, And Career


Hard Rock Nick is a popular social media star and influencer. He is mostly known for his pursed-lip selfies which he shares on his Instagram page as well as the lavish lifestyle which he flaunts.

In this article, we will be taking a look at Hard Rock Nick’s net worth, biography, source of income, and lots more.

Full NameHard Rock Nick
Date of BirthJune 17, 1977
OccupationSocial Media Influencer
Net Worth$1 Million
Hard Rock Nick Bio-Data

Hard Rock Nick Biography

Hard Rock Nick was born on June 17, 1977, in Nevada, United States. He had his formal education in California where he had as well spent his entire childhood.

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Hard Rock Nick Career

Hard Rock Nick influencing career can be traced back to October 28, 2015, when he shared his first photo on the popular social media, Instagram. The image had shown him in a Gymnasium listening to a headphone while taking a mirror selfie with his smartphone.

Hard Rock Nick on Instagram
Hard Rock Nick On Instagram

He has been featured on several TV shows and he personally has his own YouTube channel where he shares different types of videos consistently.

So far, he has been able to grow very well and build a very huge followers across Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and many other social media.

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Hard Rock Nick Net Worth

Hard Rock Nick Net Worth
Hard Rock Nick Net Worth

As of [current_date format=’Y’], Hard Rock Nick’s net worth is estimated to be around, $1 million which he made from his career as a social media influencer, YouTuber, and some other sources of income.

Hard Rock Nick’s Personal Life

Hard Rock Nick has been able to manage to keep away his personal life off social media. Although he has been seen quite a number of times post videos of females on his Instagram page, there is no evidence or reports to prove that any of them is actually Hard Rock Nick’s girlfriend or wife.


Hard Rock Nick happens to be one of the most popular male influencers on Instagram. Although he has been seen sharing his luxurious lifestyle on most of his social media handles, no one really knows what his primary source of income is.

As far as his influencing career is concerned, the amount mentioned above is just what Hard Rock Nick’s net worth is estimated to be.

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