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Gramfree Review 2020 –How To Make Money On Gramfree And Is Gramfree Legit Or A Scam?

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Basically, Gramfree is a Telegram-developed crypto platform which is operated on the basis of the TON blockchain. Frankly, Gramfree is highly rated for guaranteeing fast-paced crypto transactions. In a broader sense, Gramfree is a kind of get-paid-for-tasks platform as its users are permitted to perform various activities which eventually translate into earnings.

Is Gramfree Legit?

Some people  have labeled Gramfree a scam (probably due to some unfavourable user experiences they had) however according to our observation, it is a clear indications that Gramfree is a scam.
While using Gramfree, it’s essential to comply with a number of rules, such as maintaining only one Gramfree account and posting only YouTube videos that are related to Gramfree.

How to Make Money on Gramfree

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To make money on Gramfree, you first have to understand that the platform works as a program that pays people for performing various tasks. This, alternatively, translates into the implication that with the aid of Gramfree, you can monetize your online session. After registering as a Gramfree member, you can expect to get paid for performing tasks which include:

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  1. Uploading YouTube videos
  2. Using your Gramfree referral link to refer people to the platform
  3. Streaming YouTube videos
  4. Claiming a smart contract bonus
  5. Playing games
  6. Playing the Gram roll
  7. Participating in the Gramfree lottery
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Below is a detailed explanation of the various ways you can earn on Gramfree:
Participating in the Gramfree Lottery –Gramfree offers a lottery programme very similar to popular lottery schemes. As a Gramfree member, you can participate in this lottery two times daily. To place a bet in the lottery programme, you’ll be charged 1 Gram. If you’re lucky to be among the winners at the end of a lottery, you’ll be rewarded with more Grams.

Watching YouTube Videos –You’ll find YouTube videos on Gramfree and for each of these videos that you watch, Gramfree rewards you with 0.5 Gram.

Playing the Gramfree Roll –The Gramfree roll is available for you to play and earn a sum ranging from 0.1 Gram upwards for each 1-minute roll that you play. While every Gramfree roll lasts 1 minute, it’s noteworthy that your score determines what you’ll earn from the roll.

Claiming a Smart Contract Bonus –Gramfree dishes out a smart contract bonus every 24 hours and every Gramfree member is at liberty of claiming this.

Referring New People to Gramfree –This is done by sharing your Gramfree referral link to people and for every person that joins Gramfree via your referral link, you’ll earn a total of 5 Grams.

Uploading YouTube Videos –Gramfree rewards you with a total of 5 Grams for uploading a YouTube video to its platform. Essentially, such a video must be a promotional content related to Gramfree. Also, the video has to be approved by Gramfree so that you can earn the stated 5-Gram reward off it. Meanwhile, it might take a couple of days for your uploaded YouTube video to get approved.

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Interestingly, completing any of the above-listed tasks on Gramfree will fetch you Grams, in the form of coins. Notably, each Gram that you earn is equivalent to $2.
It’s noteworthy that unlike many other cryptocurrency platforms, Gramfree doesn’t charge any registration fee.

What Are the Payment Methods Supported on Gramfree?

Gramfree paves the way for its users to access a varying number of payment methods for fund withdrawal. Below is a list of the payment methods supported on the platform:

  1. American Express
  2. American Pay
  3. Bank transfer
  4. Bitcoin
  5. Payoneer
  6. Paypal

WARNING: Gramfree is not completely a scam, however, if you can have the patience to work diligently with the site and also bear any loss that may result from joining the scheme or program, you can join. But if you can not, kindly stare clear of this programme to avoid loosing your mind or patience as well as money if you decided to deposit money into gramfree network..


We strongly believe that this post has availed you the chance of knowing what Gramfree is all about. Particularly, you must have learnt whether Gramfree is one of the referral programmes you should try out.

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