How to Generate GT Bank OTP- One Time Password Using USSD code

Gt Bank

Today, I will show you how you can generate GT Bank OTP-One Time Password using GT BANK USSD code for mobile banking

Many people don’t know that they can actually generate OTP codes to confirm their GT Bank transactions on any mobile phone, even on a CDMA phone that has no internet connection.

Read on to see how to Generate OTP codes with GT BANK USSD.

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One Time Passwords commonly referred to as OTP, encrypted codes sent from your bank as a security measure against fraudulent transactions.

How to generate GT Bank OTP-One Time Password using GT BANK USSD code for mobile banking

Some of you already got the device from your bank, but there are times that you forget to take your OTP along with you when you go out, in this case, you can turn to use this method to quickly generate an OTP to facilitate your transactions.

You need to take note that the OTP code generated using this method is only valid for a period of 120 seconds.

If you don’t use the code to validate your transaction within the 2-minute time frame, the code will be rendered automatically invalid and you may have to generate another code before your transactions can go through.

To generate OTP code for your GT Transactions using USSD, simply,

Dial 7377# and follow the onscreen instruction to get your OTP code.

We hope that goes a long way to help you generate a One Time Password (OTP) code for your GT Bank transaction using USSD means.

**Please Note that you may be charged by your service provider for this action

If you encounter any difficulty whatsoever in the process of using the service don’t hesitate to drop your comments in the comment section and we will try to respond as soon as possible.



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