Gadgets That Comes Really Handy That People Ignore

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Did you know there’s a way to performing some difficult task with some gadgets that are ignored and underestimated? Most times covering a wide space video footage can be very difficult or keeping daily tabs of your activities such as appointments, business, health and so on. These gadgets do more in our daily activities;

Drone cameras

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Years ago, it was almost impossible to get aerial shooting except through the use of helicopters which was indeed an expensive task but all this changed through the invention of drone cameras. Most times you may think it’s not necessary but it comes in handy when you need to capture a wide footage.
Nowadays, drones come well equipped with high-quality cameras that guarantee you the best footage. There are some drones specially made for filming, this makes it easy for the photographer to shoot from high grounds, landscape and wider space.
Drones come handy because of its small size which makes it able to capture footage from places that are hard to penetrate. drones can be used to take aerial shots, still shots, pan shots, crane shots and these footage comes out sharper and clearer. There are some things to keep in mind while shopping for a drone; sensor and lenses, vibration, control, collision detection, drone regulator. Unlike normal camera, these are the features you should look out for.


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Web cam

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A web cam is a small camera device that is attached to your computer or on a laptop that help you make video recordings, conference calls and pictures. The web cam is really easy to set up, it connects to your phone directly through your Wi-Fi and it has amazing picture and large video coverage. A webcam allows you take photos and videos that are easy to upload to the internet.
Web cams don’t come with memory chips like the digital computer because they transfer every capture directly into the computer, they use Wifi to transfer the pictures and videos automatically to your internet for easy access. The webcam is another device that comes handy but is sometimes underestimated. Some web cam are wireless and as such do not need to be connected to the computer manually but instead with Wi-Fi.



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Are you a music lover? This gadget actually comes handy for you. It has a 4-inch display, 6.1mm thin and 88 grams. Apple iPods now comes in 256GB of storage which allows you store all your favorite music, stream songs, videos on iTunes, take pictures and so on. The iPods also comes with an amazing gaming experience because of the A10 fusion chip which creates up to twice faster performance and thrice better graphs, This makes gaming look more real and feel better. P.s the iPods can be used for facetime and IMessage.
The iPods has so many great features that can’t be overemphasized, it comes in the most advanced operating system IOS 13 and you have access to downloading millions of games and applications from the apple app store.


Apple watch

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The iWatch is one of apple’s inventions in form of a wrist watch that should be worn all through the day and it must be connected to your iPhone for proper functionality. I know many people would be wondering what’s so special about the iWatch that makes it different from other watches.
Firstly, the apple watch can be used for sending and receiving messages and calls, you can also silence an incoming call by using your hand to cover the watch.
Secondly, the apple personal assistance (siri) can be accessed through the iWatch. Furthermore, the iWatch can track the health activity of the user, it helps them set health goals and it keeps track of their physical activities using inbuilt sensors.
One other amazing feature is that the iWatch can be used for shopping with apple pay; this is a new system that replaces credit and debit cards for making payments.
Lastly, they have a new interface that displays app, plays music, and shows maps, photos and others. Basically, you can control your iPhone through the watch.


Rocket Book Wave

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The rocket wave notebook is a gadget that combines both the freedom of the traditional means of using pen and paper with the utility of the cloud. This is an improved technology that allows you write traditionally with pen and paper and it saves it to your cloud. The rocket book wave is easy to organize, if you are using an iPhone or android, use the free rocket book app to configure your cloud as your scan destination.
The intriguing thing about the rocket book wave is that it can be reused, with the pilot FriXion ink; you can use water and a cloth to wipe the pages of your core. The rocket book is what you need to keep track of your day to day task.


Image credit: Pixabay


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