Fx Farms Review –Is Fx Farms a Legit or Scam Forex Trading Platform?

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Fx Farms touts itself as a legit Forex trading platform with great financial benefits for investors. However, dozens of complaints by users of Fx Farms lodged complaints which have prompted a thorough investigation into the Forex trading platform.
Therefore in this article, you’ll find out genuine information about Fx Farms and hopefully, you’ll be able to deduce whether it’s a legit or bogus Forex trading platform.

How Fx Farms Works

How Fx Farms Works
Fx Farms works as a bogus Forex trading platform offering investors the chance to choose from any of five plans. The profit realizable (as claimed by the platform) depends on the chosen plan and ranges between 1.5% and 2.45% of the investment fee. Investing in the lowest plan comes at a fee of $25 while investing in the highest plan costs $55,000. Notably, the investment plans on Fx Farms range from President (which is described as the highest plan) down to Eagle, Lead, Trader and lastly Base.

Is Fx Farms Legit?

There’s no need stressing whether Fx Farms is legit or not since we have a handful of facts to substantiate that Fx Farms is far from being a legit Forex trading scheme. So, below are the Proven Reasons Why Fx Farms Is a Scam
Uncertainty of Security for Deposited Funds
Fx Farms has no security software (such as a DDoS protection) for any funds deposited with the platform. In reality, this does not only imply that members/investors on Fx Farms are vulnerable to third-party invasion but also clarifies that any funds deposited on Fx Farms aren’t safe.
Uncertainty of Fund Withdrawal
The scammers behind Fx Farms readily have Skrill, e-wallets and similar depository channels just to lure investors into depositing funds with them. However, there is no chance of getting paid trading bonuses earned through any of Fx Farms’ five investment plans.
Frankly, there hasn’t been any real proof of fund withdrawal from Fx Farms by any of the people using it. While this is a clear indication that Fx Farms is a deceptive platform targeting novices and probably unsuspicious investors, it would be very risky to deposit any amount of money with the platform.
Fx Farms Is Unregulated
If Fx Farms were truly a licensed and duly registered company, it would be regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority since its website information claims the Forex trading company is located in the United Kingdom.
For the fact that the Financial Conduct Authority isn’t licensing any product or service under the title “Fx Farms”, it’s beyond doubt that Fx Farms (which claims to be a UK-located Forex trading company) is a blatant scam.
Unknown Company Location
One of the reasons to establish that Fx Farms is a deceptive Forex trading company is that the company doesn’t have a true specific location. Although there’s a statement on the company’s website implying that Fx Farms is located in the United Kingdom, scrutiny into this has revealed that the company is using a fake UK address.

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Instances of Deceptive Customer Feedback

A lot of Fx Farms customers have lodged complaints regarding Fx Farms’ gimmicks. As a response to these complaints, Fx Farms has hired people to act as real members and counter the negative claims made by real members.
So, it’s possible for prospective investors to come across written claims and even promotional videos by some members implying how they have succeeded with the Forex platform. In reality, these are claims by people hired in order to trick investors into believing that Fx Farms is a legit Forex trading platform.
If you’re reading some positive customer feedback about Fx Farms, be well informed that such feedback is unreal and primarily intended to fool unsuspicious investors.


We hope that this review article has convinced you enough that Fx Farms is one of the bogus Forex trading platforms you should desist from.

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