Funny Nigerian Names and the most Laughable names you don’t want to give your child.

Nigeria no doubt is a country with a deep-rooted belief in cultural practices, values and norms, so when you are setting out to give your newborn baby a name, you need to carefully examine the name before proceeding to do it.

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Nigerians attach so much importance to name, they may sometimes judge you by whatever name you bear, it doesn’t really matter what your true personality is they belief your name says it all.

I want to to share with you in this post, some odd and laughable names that you should not name your child in as a Nigerian, no matter what.

The straightforward reason is that some of these names have become laughing stock and dragged in the mud, they are not necessarily bad, but they have been overused and attributed to so many unpleasant scenarios that makes it a bad omen on a child.

I understand that some Nigerians are in the act of giving their foreign names but there are still a lot who values the culture so well and will always give their children traditional names. while this is not only good it further propagates the richness in Nigeria’s cultural diversity.

Some of these names have been attributed to stupidity and dullard, for example, the popular Yoruba name Dejo is a good example.  Dejo is a well-received Yoruba movie character who has made a lot of success in Nollywood from acting dullard and showing a gross level of unimaginable stupidity in movies.

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You just don’t want to give your child this name, while it is not bad of a name, it is not so interesting that the good meaning of the name Dejo has been attached to Dullardness.

Another example is Akpos, I can just fathom the origin of this name, it is more of a fictional comic name that originates from South-Eastern part of Nigeria, it is often used to depict children  with great level of dumbness and stupidity in the highest order, the name is common to comedians and wildly circulated in the entertainment industry to depict people who should never be taken seriously for no reason.

Another Laughable Nigerian name I want to point you too is Sule. Sule is a brilliant Islamic name but many Nigerians, especially in the west, now use the name people to abusively tell how stupid someone is acting.

What comes to mind when you hear the name, Alice? Alice in wonderland? The movie is nice and memorable and Alice generally is a good name that originated from the West. But in Nigeria, the case is different, Alice is a name that is given to strangers especially maids servants in a house.

Another funny Nigerian name is Ekaette. Ekaette is a funny Calabar name, girls who bear this name are perceived to be good in cooking delicacies but much more, the name has been attributed to not just can cooking but girls who also have good bedroom skills.

Yet another beautiful Muslim name on this, but we mean no harm, just trying to be factual. Muri, It still baffles me why the name Muri should be on this list, One of the greatest leaders of all time in Nigeria General Murtala bears the same name, yet Nigerians jettison that and still drag this name the way they do.

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In fact, I commend how some people who have loved ones bearing the name tries hard to make it sound ‘tush’ and alluring by pronouncing in more different and kinky ways, but the name is still a subject of mockery in some places and you don’t want t put your child through that unnecessary stigma.

Okoro is another funny Nigerian name you dare not give your boy. Okoro emanates from the Igbos, the name is used to describe people with tendencies of baldness and receding hairline.


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