Classic and timeless names Made in France… And yet, all these French boys and girls baby names have their origins in Latin, Greek, Celt or Hebrew.

We’ve adopted all these names from the Saints calendar, a wealth of ideas to find the perfect first name for your little one.

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And so long the original names were at their peak, the French first names return to the front of the stage and climb the podium of the top names given.

Waiting for a happy event and looking for a first name idea for your baby?

Girl or boy, here are our 100 French name Ideas names for a newborn, see meaning and qualities, you will know everything about your baby’s French name

French Names

Grégoire/Gregory. The name has a Greek origin, and Gregory means “the one who is awakened”.
Quality: Mysterious, passionate and very good communicator.

Angèle has a Greek origin and means a messenger in Greek.
Quality: Skillful, ambitious and passionate.

Basile -Basil is from the ancient Greek Basileus and the Arabic Bazile, means “king.”
Quality: Sensitive, intelligent, optimistic and pragmatic.

Bérénice– Berenice is the one who brings victory according to Greek meaning.
Quality: Intelligent, independent and wise.

Victor originates from From Latin victor, Victor represents victory.
Quality: Influential, balanced and wise.

Agathe: Agatha is of Greek origin and means “goodness.”
Quality: Good advice, sensitive and caring.

Edouard: Edward is a typical English name derived from Eadweard. He is the guardian of wealth according to the meaning of his first name.
Quality: Flattering, charming and very good communicator.

Justine: Justine comes from the right Latin which means “fair and reasonable”.
Quality: Fantastic, passionate and ambitious.

Valentin: From the Latin Valens, Valentin means “robust”.
Quality: Natural, sweet, tender, cheerful and courageous.

Héloïse: The first name Heloise comes from the Germanic hold, “glorious”, and wild, “the fighter”.
Quality: Timid, sensitive and serious.

Gaspard: Gaspard is the traditional first name of one of the Magi.
Quality: Emotional, voluntary and dynamic.

Claire: From the Latin Clarus or Clara, Claire means that is brilliant, clear.
Quality: Demanding, creative and optimistic.

Lucien: Lucien is the “light” in Latin.
Quality: Enthusiastic, dynamic and logical.

Alice: Alice is a Germanic adjective that means “noble race.”
Quality: Lively, intuitive and tender.

Blaise: Blaise means “stammering” in Latin.
Quality: Enthusiastic, good manager, good communicator, and decision-maker.

Pauline: Pauline comes from the Latin Paulus which means “small and weak”.
Quality: Curious, ambitious and dreamy.

Pierre: From the Hebrew kepha, Peter means “stone” or from the Greek petra, “rock”.
Quality: Idealistic, independent and fearless.

Rémi: Remi comes from the Latin rémigius which means “medicine”.
Quality: Tolerant, dreamy and generous.

Isabelle: “God is oath” is the Hebrew meaning of Isabelle.
Quality: Sociable, diplomatic and receptive.

Céline: Of Latin origin, Celine means “wonderful” and also moon in Greek.
Quality: Enthusiastic, generous and good communicator.

Alban: Albanis white in Latin.
Quality: Pragmatic, optimistic and creative.

Cécile: Cecile has its origin from the Latin “caecus”, the blind.
Quality: Ambitious, authoritarian and autonomous.

Baptiste: From the Greek Baptizein, Baptist means “to immerse, to dive into the water”.
Quality: Emotive, sensitive and visionary.

Désirée: Desiree,as this first name suggests, is intended for a desired person.
Quality: Intuitive, faithful and wise.

Nicolas: Nicholas comes from the Greek Nikê, “victory” and Laos, “the people”.
Quality: Solid, voluntary, proud and independent.

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Jérôme: Jerome means “sacred name” in Greek.
Quality: Enthusiastic, willing and resolute.

Océane: Oceane takes its meaning from the name of the god of the sea Okeanos, son of Ouranos (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth).
Quality: Tolerant, sociable and welcoming.

Côme: Como represents the universe in Greek.
Quality: Dreamer, tolerant and willing.

Gabriel: Gabriel comes from the Hebrew and means “My strength is God”.
Quality: Idealistic, determined and altruistic.

Camille: The mixed first name Camille, from the Latin Camillus, is a kind of choir boy from a noble family.
Quality: Sentimental, impulsive and generous.

Manon: Manon derives from the Hebrew Myriam (the clairvoyant) and Hannah (grace).
Quality: Creative, optimistic and voluntary.

Luc: From The Latin lux, Luke means light or Greek leukos, “pure, clear”.
Quality: Tender, dedicated and selfless.

Quentin: From the Latin quintus, “fifth,” Quentin symbolizes opposites.
Quality: Active, emotional, extroverted and passionate.

Adeline: From the Germanic adal, Adeline means “noble”.
Quality: Generous, faithful and carefree.

Albert: Of Germanic origin, Albert means “noble and brilliant”.
Quality: Persevering, a good manager and decision-maker.

Martin: Of Latin origin, Martin means “dedicated to the god Mars.”
Quality: Sweet, sensitive and conscencious.

Théodore: Theodore is “a gift from God” in Greek.
Quality: Altruistic, voluntary and idealistic.

Brice: Brice is what is spotted or speckled in Celt.
Quality: Authoritarian, ambitious and energetic.

Alizée: which is of noble lineage according to Germanic meaning.
Quality: Persevering, effective and determined.

Clément: From latin clemens, Clement represents what is sweet, good and lenient.
Quality: Imaginative, thoughtful and tolerant.

Armand: Of Germanic origin, Armand means strong and armed.
Quality: Caring, conscientious and determined.

Emeline: Of Germanic origin, Emeline means work.
Quality: Reliable, tenacious and committed.

Gaël: Gael is of Breton origin and means “generous lord”.
Quality: Intelligent, independent and cultured.

Marcel: Marcel refers to Mars, the Roman God of war.
Quality: Intelligent, independent and decision-maker.

Vanessa: Vanessa means “butterfly” in Greek.
Quality: Tolerant, dreamy and generous.

Fabien: From the Latin faba, Fabien means the “bean.”
Quality: Bold, independent, determined and influential.

Apolline: Apollonia from the Greek refers to Apollo, the god of Light.
Quality: Pragmatic, optimistic and friendly.

Sébastien: From the Greek Sebastos, Sebastian means “honored and glorious”.
Quality: Sensitive, tender and sensual.

Aimée: Aimée is simply “who is loved” in Latin.
Quality: Caring, conscientious and good advice.

Emmanuel: Emmanuel,or “God is with us” in Hebrew.
Quality: Ardent, strategist and leader.

Vincent: “Defeat the war” is the Latin meaning of the first name Sebastian.
Quality: Tender, calm, intuitive and cultured.

François: Francis means “a free man” from latin francus.
Quality: Generous, persevering and determined.

Julie: The first name Julie, is from the Latin Iulius, legendary founder of Rome.
Quality: Fantastic, sensual, cultured and passionate.

Thomas: Thomas means “twin” in Aramaic.
Quality: Sociable, faithful and pragmatic.

Gladys: Gladys is wealth in Celt.
Quality: Audacious, original and energetic.

Célestin: The name Celestin refers to heaven according to Latin defiance.
Quality: Caring, organized and conscientious.

Chanel: Chanel is a surname that became the first name with the influence of fashion designer Gabrielle known as “Coco” Chanel.
Quality: Wise, intelligent and independent.

Alexis: From the Greek Alexein, Alexis means “pushback, protect”.
Quality: Faithful, excessive and enthusiastic.

Mathilde: Mathilde comes from the Germanic maht, “strength” and hild, “fighting”.
Quality: Wise, intelligent and independent.

Cyprien: Cyprien holds its meaning of Cyprus.
Quality: Friendly, altruistic and idealistic.

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Gabin: Gabin comes from gabium, an ancient Italian city.
Quality: Benevolent, consequential and decision-maker.

Joséphine: Josephine is the feminine of Joseph and also means “God will add” in Hebrew.
Quality: Intuitive, resolute and wise.

Alexandre: Alexander In Greek, Alexander is the one who protects men and repels the enemy.
Quality: Charming, passionate and warm.

Fanny: If Fanny means “free” in Latin, it is a familiar form of Frances and the translation of Françoise into Anglo-Saxon countries.
Quality: Lively, joyful, responsible and balanced.

Jean: From the Hebrew Yo, “God” and hanan, “merciful”, John is also a biblical first name.
Quality: Active, dynamic, brilliant and sociable.

Estelle: Estelle is a star in Latin (stella).
Quality: Graceful, tender and luminous.

Louise: Louis’ feminine, Louise, comes from the Germanic hold, “glorious” and wig, “the fighter”, or lod, “illustrated” and wig, “the fighter”.
Quality: Persevering, serious and applied.

Rodrigue:Of Germanic origin, Rodrigue means glorious and powerful.
Quality: Spiritual, voluntary and reasoned.

Agnes: Agnes means purity in Greek.
Quality: Innovative, authoritarian, ambitious and autonomous.

Joseph: “God will add” is the Hebrew meaning of Joseph.
Quality: Innovative, ambitious and autonomous.

Bénédicte: Benedict,is blessed in Latin translation.
Quality: Tenacious, methodical and reliable.

Etienne: Of Greek origin, Etienne means “crowned.”
Quality: Passionate, persevering and sentimental.

Auguste: Augustus means venerable and great in Latin.
Quality: Tenacious, reliable and organized.

Léa: Leah means “high” in Hebrew.
Quality: Charming, dedicated and endearing.

Roman: Roman simply means Roman in Latin.
Quality: Passionate, leader and intuitive.

Charles: In Germanic, Charles or Karl means virility.
Quality: Disciplined, applied, optimistic and creative.

Clémence: From Latin Clemens, Clemence means what is sweet.
Quality: Serious, willing and wise.

Vivien: Vivien means living in Latin.
Quality: Idealistic, dedicated and altruistic.

Charlotte: The first name Charlotte comes from the Germanic word karl which means “virility”.
Quality: Sentimental, sensual, faithful and poet.

Justin: Justin just means in Latin.
Quality: Optimistic, organized and pragmatic.

Solange: The first name Solange comes from Latin and means “solemn.”
Quality: Dynamic, independent and bold.

Thibault: Thibault comes from the Germanic theud, “people” and bald, “audacious”.
Quality: Enthusiastic, organized and good communicator.

Gontran: Of Geramanic origin, Gontran means crow or combat.
Quality: Lively, strategic and resolute.

Judith: Judith comes from Hebrew and means “praised, congratulated.”
Quality: Organized, thoughtful and idealistic.

Christophe: The first name Christopher represents what is carried by Christ.
Quality: Persevering, fine and wise.

Benjamin: From Hebrew ben Yamin, Benjamin means “son of the right hand or son of fortune.”
Quality: Blurred, adventurous and daring.

Laure: Laure, from Latin Laurus means laurel.
Quality: Audacious, decision-making and mysterious.

Gaëtan: From the Latin caietanus Gaetan is a “dweller of the city of Gaete” near Naples.
Quality: Idealist, poet and endearing.

Georges: With or without ‘s’, George means “plowing the soil” in Greek.
Quality: Efficient, persevering, determined and creative.

Jeanne: Like John, Jeanne comes from Hebrew: Yo, an abbreviated spelling of “Yahweh, God,” and hanan, “merciful.”
Quality: Generous, enthusiastic and energetic.

Gauthier: Gauthier… This name of Germanic origin means to command and govern.
Quality: Strategic, active and lively.

Sophie: Of Greek origin, Sophie means “wisdom.”
Quality: Dreamer, decision-maker, and human.

Stanislas: Stanislas means the glorious Commander in Slavic.
Quality: Decision maker, manager and balanced.

Jules: Jules means “descendant of Jupiter” in Latin.
Quality: Courageous, lucid and faithful.

Coralie: Coralie is a “girl of the sea” of the Greek korê alos and “friend” of Celtic kar.
Quality: Gaie, proud, loyal and sociable.

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Julien: Like its female version Julie, Jullien comes from the Latin Iulius, the legendary founder of the Roman Empire.
Quality: Courageous, bold and combative.

Elisée: Elisha means “God helped” in Hebrew.
Quality: Dynamic, bold, independent and determined.

Pascal: Pascal means “the passage” in Hebrew.
Quality: Intelligent, independent and wise.

Bérengère: Of Germanic origin, Berenger means “wisdom.”
Quality: Intelligent, wise and independent.

Boris: Boris is a Slavic warrior.
Quality: Altruistic, dedicated, idealistic and thoughtful.

Anne: Of Hebrew origin, Anne means “grace.”
Quality: Spiritual, philosophical and original.

Emile: Of Germanic origin, Emile means worker.
Quality: Strategic, lively and thoughtful.

Blandine: Blandine means caressing and flattering in Latin.
Quality: Intelligent, determined and organized.

Jérémy: From Hebrew yirme, “raise” and Yah, “Yahweh, God,” Jeremy,or Jeremiah, means “God is high.”
Quality: Intuitive, exciting, faithful and determined.

Emilie: From the Greek haimulos, “rusé” or the Latin aemulus, “that rivals”, Emilie manifests a penchant for peaceful happiness.
Quality: Attentive, generous and intuitive.

Faustina: Faustina means “happy, wealthy” in Latin.
Quality: Curious, courageous and dynamic.

Louis: Like his female version Louise, Louis comes from the Germanic hold, “glorious” and wig, “the fighter”, or lod, “illustrated” and wig, “the fighter”.
Quality: Voluntary, enthusiastic, idealistic and seductive.

Marion: Marion is “the one who raises” in Hebrew.
Quality: Intelligent, decision-maker, voluntary and generous.

Jacques: Supplanting, heeling, such is the Hebrew meaning of James.
Quality: Efficient, persevering and honest.

Philippe: Philip loves horses according to its Greek meaning.
Quality: Energetic, innovative and authoritarian.

Aude: Of Germanic origin, Aude means “wealth.”
Quality: Tenacious, methodical and reliable.

Sylvain: Of Latin origin, Sylvain means “the man of the forest”.
Quality: Silent, lonely and generous.

Xavier: Xavier means “new home” in Basque.
Qualities: Spiritual, determined and voluntary.

Barbara: Barbara means “foreigner” in Latin.
Quality: Intelligent, independent and wise.

Léon: Like Leonardo and Leo, Leon is a small lion in Latin.
Quality: Innovative, ambitious, autonomous and energetic.

Lucie: From the Latin lux, Lucie means light.
Quality: Warm, faithful, optimistic and straight.

Maxime: Maximus,from the Latin maximus: “the greatest”.
Quality: Pressed, demanding and hard-working.

Reine: Of Latin origin, the first name Queen is less and less given in France.
Quality: Conscientious, wise and caring.

Guillaume: William is the first name of Germanic origin and means will (Will) and protection (Helm).
Quality: Altier, adventurer, volunteer, faithful.

b Of Scandinavian origin, Ingrid means “a hero’s daughter”.
Quality: Spiritual, original and philosopher.

Kévin: In Celtic coemgen, Kevin means “the plant.”
Quality: Versatile, seductive, unpredictable and voluntary.

Inès: From the Greek hagnos, Ines means chastity.
Quality: Straight, proud and intuitive.

Antoine: From the Latin antonius, Antoine means ‘invaluable’. Another meaning: from the Greek anthos, this male first name also refers to “the flower”.
Quality: Versatile, seductive, unpredictable and voluntary.

Elodie: From the Greek elodiê, “flower of the fields”, or from the Latin alodis, “free land”, Elodie is listening to others.
Quality: Reasonable, attentive and hardworking.

Benoît: Of Latin origin, Benedict means blessed.
Quality: Perfectionist, faithful and intuitive.

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