Freecoin (FREE) is a digital asset and cryptocurrency that was launched on April 6, 2018.

The token was launched so cheaply that today you can get over 570,776 FREE Coin for just $1 despite the currency appreciating by over 13,000 percent in that period.

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Overview of Freecoin

Freecoin was built with the purpose of absorbing a global demand for cryptocurrencies within the limits of an acceptable price increase that does not undermine its credibility.

Freecoin also participates in innovative Blockchain projects to bring cryptocurrency to a maximum of users. At its time of creation, the coin attained some impressive achievements within its first year and was one of the altcoins tipped for the big time. Here are some of its one-year milestones:

  • Freecoin was listed in SWFT PRO, which allows users to exchange Freecoin to any other cryptocurrency, through cross exchange and cross-block chain.
  • Inclusion in the Afrodex AF-TX robot: a Telegram robot that allows you to send Freecoin to everyone on Telegram (even if this person does not have a cryptocurrency wallet).
  • Listed in SWIFT PAY, a type of “paypal for blockchain” that allows you to pay through 100 different cryptocurrencies for everything, anywhere and anytime through a simple application on your smartphone.
  • Cooperation with a leading bounty hunter platform. Freecoin is used to reward bounty hunters for likes / retweets / comments / following on social media posts from non-crypto companies and organizations.

Because Freecoin appears on 23 exchanges and is therefore very easy to switch to cash, it is a very attractive coin for bounty hunters.

Freecoin is purported by some quarters as the leading cryptocurrency to pay social media influencers.

Today Freecoin supports NGOs active in green energy, food, medical and climate / environment / wildlife by developing their own cryptocurrency for fundraising at no cost.

The Freecoin program has 18 regional Telegram communities with user-friendly support.

What is Freecoin Built On?

Freecoin is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is developed and maintained by FREE Crypto Limited.


What is the Purpose of Freecoin?

Freecoin promises to continue to participate in innovative solutions to promote the global use of cryptocurrency, certifying it as a user-friendly token.

They have also strived to present out-of-the-box use cases to turn Freecoin into a trusted and respected store of value and payment method.

Despite their popularity and development, cryptocurrencies are not readily available to people in weak financial positions. Also, accessing cryptocurrencies on exchanges is quite difficult and this is a hindrance for some people as only about 60% of the world’s population has access to a PC or smartphone.

Freecoin was built to fit this niche and has done that by providing:

  • Wide availability of wallets and exchanges;
  • Proven technology, fast and secure storage of funds;
  • Affordable mining in the future, thanks to the large number of altcoins on Ethereum.

In order for as many people as possible to gain access to the cryptocurrency market (and to the wealth that is created in these markets), the FREE project created the following conditions:

  1. Launched a coin at an extremely low price. During its first three months, Freecoin was literally free, as it sold at a price of only 0.0000000001 ether or $0.00000006.
  2. Launch a coin that has sufficient supply to survive mass adoption without an instant price surge.
  3. Promote the project (marketing policy) through Brand Ambassadors and social networks around the world.
  4. Simplify the purchase of cryptocurrency as much as possible (for example, for beginners who do not yet understand how exchanges work: through the ability to buy Free Coin using online stores and payment through Paypal).

Depicted as a trust coin, the main goal or purpose of Freecoin is the globalization of cryptocurrency and the transition from fiat to crypto. The group of Freecoin users is growing every day around the world. A large community of consultants, volunteers, ambassadors, supporters and coin holders are working all over the world to succeed in the Freecoin project.

How and Where to Buy Freecoin?

The coin was listed on several exchanges, but has not yet become widespread. Trading volumes are small, but capitalization is gradually growing

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Stock exchangeTrading pair
HotbitFREE / ETH
MercatoxFREE / ETH, FREE / BTC
BluetradeFREE / ETH
Instant BitexFREE / BTC
Token StoreFREE / ETH


For fiat, you can buy a coin on the Crex24 exchange, in other cases you will have to go through a conversion on exchangers, buy a cryptocurrency and only then exchange it for FREE on the exchange.

It is important to note that the coin was originally distributed through free giveaways. Whether there will be more airdrops and other programs remains unknown.

To keep updated, you can subscribe to their Telegrams and follow the updates. Also, the coin is sold on exchanges such as EtherFlyer, EtherDelta, TokenDex and others.

Which Wallets are Suitable for Freecoin?

The coin does not have its own client and most likely will not. However, the whitepaper states that it can be stored on any ERC20-compatible wallet and recommended the following wallets:

  • MyEtherWallet is the official Ethereum online wallet, it is better to use it as an operational one, and not for long-term storage.
  • MetaMask is a browser -based extension, the so-called “bridge that connects the official client and the site on which the transaction takes place.
  • Mist is an official wallet with which you can create smart contracts, make payments and other financial transactions. You will need to download it, but it belongs to the category of “lite”, so it will not take much time.
  • Ledjer is a hardware wallet in the form of a USB flash drive. Information is recorded on it, and it is almost impossible to steal funds from there.

Also, this cryptocurrency can be stored on an exchange or any other wallets combined with ERC20.

Can Freecoin be Purchased on PayPal?

For digital asset enthusiasts, especially those without experience in cryptocurrencies, Freecoin can be purchased through Paypal.

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Is Freecoin Really Free?

The free in Freecoin implies that the token is free from the control of banks, financial companies, government agencies and government. Freecoin is “only people, people and people!” a motto the project inscribed on its white paper.

What is the Price of Freecoin?

The project team expects that by the end of 2024 the price of 1 Freecoin will approach 1 USD. This is relentlessly ambitious, as today, the price of Freecoin stands at $0.000001805, the same value from May 2019.

It has a market capitalisation of almost $18 million with a total supply of 10,998,999,997,635 FREE, as at July 3, 2021.

Is Freecoin A Good Investment

Freecoin has noble goals, but they look a bit utopian. Even if this currency reaches high popularity and a self-governing economy, the question of centralization and capture of the market by whales remains open.

Moreover, if it gains popularity, then it will be extremely difficult to keep the price. A while back, the coin grew by almost 200% in a 24 Hour-window meaning: the coin is highly volatile.

The project has no great prospects and there is no real product behind it that can solve many of the problems that exist in cryptography and blockchain.

As for investments, you can play on high volatility, but Free coin is not very attractive or advisable for long-term investment so far.

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