Diabetes can cause serious health complications including heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, and lower-extremity amputations.
Diabetes is the name used to describe a metabolic condition of having higher than normal blood sugar levels.

A diabetic patient should be very conscious of what him or her consumes, intake of sugary foods will create more havock to your health and also increase the rate or percentage of sugar level in the blood.

We the zigihow admin have decided to create a Food timetable for Diabetic patients.

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Nigerian Food Timetable for Diabetic Patient – Weekly Food Diet Plan to Follow:
Below is a one-week meal plan to help diabetic Nigerians stay healthy and relaxed without always thinking about what to eat

Breakfast: Lipton tea or green tea with whole wheat bread
Lunch: Unripe plantain fufu with vegetable soup and fish
Dinner: Guinea corn pap with moi mom

Breakfast: Guinea corn pap with moi moi or akara
Lunch: Wheat meal with okra soup
Dinner: Unripe plantain with garden egg stew

Breakfast: Oats with moi moi or wheat bread
Lunch: Jollof brown basmati rice with fish and vegetable
Dinner: Unripe plantain with stew or pepper soup

Breakfast: Lipton tea with wheat bread and boiled eggs
Lunch: Wheat meal fufu with edikaikong soup
Dinner: Pepper soup

Breakfast: Boiled water yam with vegetable stew
Lunch: Okro soup with unripe plantain fufu or wheat meal
Dinner: Ewa agonyin

Breakfast: Akara and guinea corn pap
Lunch: Uripe plantain porridge
Dinner: Vegetable ogbono soup with wheat fufu

Breakfast: Tea with wheat bread and boiled egg
Lunch: Brown basmati rice and stew with chicken or fish served with vegetable salad
Dinner: Pepper soup

While this Nigerian food timetable for diabetic patient will help you fight diabetes in your body, it doesn’t in any way replace the need to see a medical doctor for more advice.

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