Flutterwave Barter Card Review –Everything You Need to Know

Flutterwave Barter Card Review –Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to mitrobenetworks review section. In today’s guide, I will be guiding you on an interesting subject  known as Flutterwave Barter Card,  as well as everything You Need to Know about this virtual card from flutterwave.

Whether you’ve heard about Flutterwave Barter card or not, there’s no doubt that you know how awkward it may seem to perform international transactions if only your local debit card is all you’ve got. To worsen this awkward impression, appearing at a bank for your transaction could subject you to queuing.

If you’ve ever thought of warding off the awkward situation implied above, it’s likely that you’re envisaging an alternative as good as Flutterwave’s Barter.

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Verily, Barter is a money transfer service developed by Flutterwave and which offers a virtual (dollar) card that removes all the restrictions associated with your local debit card. Put simply, the Barter dollar card can be created easily and it is a virtual payment instrument that enables you to shop online as well as send money to anyone regardless of where they are in the world.

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How to Create Flutterwave Barter Card

How to create a Dollar card with ease. | The Flutterwave Blog

  • Visit your smartphone’s app store for the download of the app Barter by Flutterwave. Alternatively, you may click the link here to directly get the app from Google Play
  • After the download, launch the app and sign up as required
  • Attempt the required KYC and identity verification –With this duly done, your Barter account is ready for use
  • Subsequently, load some fund into the account via bank transfer or by using your debit card
  • Hit the Create new card button (You’ll be charged a certain fee for card creation)
  • Doing the above will help complete your Barter (dollar) card creation –Note that Barter allows you to create either a custom card or a mulfunctional card. While the custom card works like cards (such as ASOS card and Netflix card) specialized for usage on certain platforms, the multifunctional card is a self-describing card usable for every kind of online transaction including service payment and item purchase
  • To fund the Barter card, you should specify the amount of dollars you’d like to load into it

Top 3 Advantages of Flutterwave Barter card

Barter is excellent security-wise: There isn’t any need stressing that security is one of the major issues that perturb people in the event of money transfer. For the reason that several persons could be involved in the transfer process, there’s the likelihood of you losing your money; something you never wish to experience not even in your wildest imagination.

To save yourself the risk of loss during money transfer, it’s advisable that you opt for a reputable money transfer service. This, in order words, is a service which not only adopts the most reliable international standard but also comes under the regulation of highly recognized financial authorities. On all grounds, Flutterwave’s Barter fits into the latter requirements courtesy of the optimum security it guarantees your personal information.

Barter’s processing speed is top-notch: You’ll likely find it awkward to think of a money transfer service that takes longer than a reasonable timeframe to get your funds delivered to recipients. This, of course, is why the processing speed of a money transfer service is worthy of consideration. In all sincerity, Barter gives you the assurance of expeditious transactions while transferring money to somebody or receiving it from them.

Absence of transfer charges: If you ever experienced a slow delivery period despite paying for a particular money transfer process, you should be able to reckon that some money transfer services aren’t up to par whatsoever. This, indisputably, is why Flutterwave is laudable for its Barter –a transfer service that doesn’t charge you any dime but still helps deliver your money in the twinkling of an eye. Asides that, quite fascinating is the fact that Barter also lets you make instant international money transfers without you incurring any transfer fee.


This article must have opened your eyes to some of the advantages which translate into the impression that Barter by Flutterwave is worth giving a try for your online payment/transfer needs.


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