What does the flame mean on Snapchat?


The flames of Snapchat are becoming very popular from what I see, well, even if you don’t believe it these symbols are placed by the social network (snapchat) itself so that you could identify which people in your contact list have had the most interactions with you recently.

What does the flame mean on Snapchat

For example, if you perform snaps consecutively with someone every day, this flame will start to appear right next to this user’s name and you will also see it show some numbers, which denotes how much time you have with this Icon.

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You should also know that these flames are known as “Streak”, placed when one person has very frequent interaction with another on the Snapchat social network.

Also, you should keep in mind that this icon may disappear in your account, but to do so you have to stop sharing Snaps with that person or with all the users with which you present this symbol.

The latter is because it is automatically turned on and off, as the social network detects the interaction and sets it in each person’s friends list.

For those wondering why it appears on some contacts and others don’t, this is because, with those people you have had a greater interaction, this may be because you share Snaps with them more often than every other person on your contact list.

In fact, it is said that from 4 Snaps a day, the platform is started to establish the flame, and it will continue to appear with a number right next to it, which will indicate the number of days of “Streak” that you have with that contact.

Likewise, in case you do not own it and want to have this icon, then you must proceed to choose a contact among your list of friends and start making Snaps with this consecutively, the more the better, and if it is done several days consecutively faster it gets.

You should also know that this flame may gradually disappear, but this is because the Snaps is not as frequent with that person, and therefore the “Streak” on the platform is removed.

These Snapchat flames are known as streak as “Being on Streak, or Streaks”. They can almost always be seen next to the user’s name, not everyone can make use of these flames because they can only be enjoyed by those people who have more daily activity in the application.

In other words, the image of the flame of fire on Snapchat that sits next to the name of the person you have added to the app, comes to mean that both are on a roll, meaning that they have been communicated or spoken with quite regularly.

Even next to the icon, a number is displayed that expresses the number of days you’ve contacted that person, for example:

If you look at a 7, it means that for a week at a time you’ve been sharing information or media, which is considered important.

For many users, Snapchat offers the possibility to distinguish your friends with the flame icon, so as to communicate to everyone the close interrelationship you have with the other person.

The flames or Streak will remain next to the person’s name, while they are sending and receiving information with that user, although it is likely to decrease their intensity until they disappear, this will be informed by a small clock indicating the deletion of the flames.

You can see it as a type of prize that the social network gives you by using it immediately, only that with this aspect you will not manage to gain any alternate privileges, you will only be able to be identified as a frequent user.

It is a distinction or prize that the network awards automatically, so this cannot be deactivated at will, since to the extent that you are on a streak the flames will be shown.

Remember that this option cannot be disabled, that is, whenever you are on a streak on Snapchat you will see this identifying icon, and when you stop it will disappear automatically by itself.

Now if for some reason you want them to disappear, you just need to stop sending and receive any kind of communication with the user, so the flames will gradually disappear. This flame icon was chosen by Snapchat to express and reward the consecutive relationship that exists between the two people.

Snapchat as a social network establishes the importance that you give to friends and contacts through the constant exchange of information of any kind, what the network intends to do is measure the interconnection or interaction that exists between that person who unloads the app and each of your friends.

Before incorporating this social network among your tools, since it allows you to maintain a healthy competition between your friends to know who is the one that keeps the most intense and for longer the flames lit.

I hope this comes in handy and clears your doubt on the true meaning of flames on Snapchat, remember to share with friends so they can also keep in the loop.


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