how to fix Netflix site error

We all know that Netflix is the best and the most popular online web series and movie streaming platform with millions of users from all around the world. There are many features available on Netflix which we can stream like movies, sports, TV series and documentaries also.

With loads of users around the world this streaming platform is the most popular platform. But sometimes site errors on Netflix do happen, which results in a stop while streaming movies and web series on this platform.

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There are different reasons responsible for the site error of Netflix and here on this article, we are going to read about each of the ways by which we can fix the site error.

how to fix Netflix site error

Different ways by which we can fix the site error of Netflix ?

Below we have discussed some of the different possible ways with the help of which we can fix Netflix site error. After using these methods you will be able to run Netflix very smoothly and watch all those favorite movies and web series. Read each of these different ways one by one.

Deleting the Netflix cookie from our browser.

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Netflix cookies

The first things we should do when Netflix shows site error during use on a laptop is to delete the Netflix cookies from history. Do so by following these steps one by one.

  • First of all you need to delete the Netflix cookie by going to the
  • After doing so, you will be signed out of your account on the browser.
  • Then once again sign in and login to Netflix by inputing your email address and password of the Netflix account.
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So by this you will be able to solve the problem, after which you can enjoy your favorite movies and web series on Netflix.

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Using a different Browser

It might happen that a browser does not support a particular website and may display an error.

At that instant, we can use another browser for running that website or platform. So if you are using the Chrome browser, then you can go to another browser like Foxfire and this may resolve your problem of site error of Netflix.

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Checking our Wi-Fi network

Another way to fix the cycle of Netflix is by checking the Wi-Fi network in use to browse Netflix. To do so follow the steps one by one.

  • First of all, power off the router from which you are using the internet.
  • Then unplug the modem for about a minute. You might also need to unplug the router.
  • After that, plug in the router and modem again and wait until it gets started.
  • Then open the browser and try using the Netflix once again to browse it.
  • After that you may be able to get rid of the Netflix site error.

Restarting our device

Sometimes when any of the websites do not run on our browser on our system then a simple reboot might just do the trick.

For that we need to close the browser and then shut down our system. After that, start your system and try using Netflix again on a browser. This may help us get Netflix running again on our device.


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Signing in to another device

This is the most efficient way to get rid of Netflix site error. Follow each of these steps one by one to get rid of Netflix site error.

  • First of all you need to use a different device in which Netflix can run.
  • Using a browser, search for Netflix and to sign in with your email id and Netflix password.
  • This may help you sign into Netflix as the other device will have a different internet connection and browser history.

So these are the different ways to rid of Netflix site error. After employing this methods, we can actually use Netflix with absolute no problem. We can run Netflix and watch our favorite movies and web series with absolute ease.


In conclusion, whenever there is a site error on Netflix, using some of the methods that has been discussed above in this article can resolve it.

As you can see in the above section:

You can log in to another device with your Netflix ID and password, or

You can delete the cache history of Netflix on your browser, or

You can use another browser on the same device.

Another method will see you restart your device and then retry browsing Netflix to watch movies and web series on your wish list

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