Have you made up your mind about losing weight in your 50s? It can be a hard hit for you because age has to do a lot with your weight. The body in its 30s and 40s can shed pounds quickly, while the task can get more challenging for the people in their 50s. You will put on weight more quickly than you shed, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can help your body come back to the shape you desire with little more effort.

The sedentary lifestyle can be one of the road blockers along with metabolism and hormones. Let’s know five effective weight loss secrets for people over 50.

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The Reasons Behind The Scenes

As you age, the factors playing a role in weight gain are metabolism, hormonal changes, and inactivity. Your metabolism keeps declining over decades that can range from 1-2 percent. The reason for slow metabolism can be decreasing muscle mass which is the consequence of the age factor. There is also a change in the way your body stores up the fat, which due to inactivity can start gathering around your body, making you fat. Even if you are not munching enough, weight gain is bound to come your way. The ladder might now look complicated for you to climb, but your small everyday efforts can help you achieve the perfect picture that you have imagined about your body.


Five Effective Weight Loss Ideas For You

The process can take time, but the best thing about it is achievable. Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the techniques you watch over the internet. Keep it simple and consistent. Here are five practical ways to get your dream body even in your fifties.

Be More Active

Inactivity can lead to the accumulation of more fat in the body. You need to move more to burn more calories. Burning more calories is directly proportional to weight loss. As you age, you tend to become less active than you used to be. It’s better to get your body moving, participate in activities like running, jogging, or aerobics. Get up, take a few steps, and get back to work if you are on a desk job. It’s best to track your steps to stay motivated to increase them every day.

Manage Your Stress

Stress and obesity go hand in hand; the other will leave your way if you kill one. It can be due to your family, personal, or job issues. Managing stress should be considered reasonable for weight loss, and it is the best thing to do for your health. Stress leads to obesity, and obesity, along with stress, gives birth to different ailments in the body. If you find it challenging to cut it out your way, seek help from a therapist who can share tips to manage your daily stress.

Eat Right

You need to be more mindful while you eat. You don’t have to make it a complementary habit of eating anything while watching tv or reading books. This will get you off track with your weight loss. Mindless eating can trap you because you will consume more calories than you should. Get to know your hunger pattern better. Track how much you feel hungry or feel full, plan small diets in chunks. You don’t have to grab all the food in the fridge all at once. Eat slow, drink water before and in between meals, and avoid food that can eliminate your long-term weight loss efforts.


Grab Protein

As you age, your muscle mass keeps on coming down the slope. Your resting metabolic rate declines by 2-3% every decade, which is enough to impact your body broadly. Muscle mass goes down, showing up as a result of slow metabolism. Proteins can help your reverse this effect and bring back your muscle mass. Try to fill 35-40% of your plate with protein, as it should become the primary source of calories that you are grabbing. This pattern will help you keep your weight loss results longer, and it will work with consistency. Supplements are best that can assist you in hitting the target faster. Use them along with your daily diet to help your body get a supporting hand from supplements. It is better to turn towards a good source to refer and clear out all doubts related to weight loss supplements and diets.


Exercise might look overwhelming, but it is the one that works the best. Exercising has shown actual and visible results. If you are on a weight loss plan, you will have to get up and exercise. If you can’t do it every day, schedule three days a week. The rest of the days, you can do little activities that are still effective in boosting metabolism, like taking stairs, performing yoga, drinking cold water, etc.


Don’t lose hope if you are in your fifties, and achieving weight loss seems a hard-to-achieve task for you. HealthCanal website can be the roadmap to your weight loss, consider it before starting your weight loss journey. Declining metabolism, hormones, and decreasing body activity are paving your way to weight gain. Work on your metabolism first, which will help you build lean muscle mass, then work on your diet and activities. All these steps can help you get that desired body you always wished for.



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