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The First Bank Mobile app (also known as FirstMobile) is the official mobile banking app of First Bank and it serves a variety of banking purposes. Obviously, the mobile app is just the pleasant avenue for First Bank customers to save themselves most of the hassles associated with traditional banking.
Mobile banking is such a great avenue that has made banking much easier than ever and First Bank has taken the advantage of its FirstMobile to give customers the best of real-time mobile banking. Just like the mobile banking apps of certain other banks, FirstMobile guarantees the ease of performing various tasks including viewing of bank statements, check confirmation, account balance inquiry, airtime purchase, bill payment, flight booking and so on.
Upon launching the First Bank mobile app, First Bank Nigeria confirmed that the app would be a new step aimed at leveraging growing technologies and making quick and hassle-free financial services more accessible to customers. Needless to say, most banks, especially UBA banks, Zenith banks etc, are now making waves with digital banking strategies and First Bank is obviously one of such banks.
Besides being an easy-to-use banking facility, FirstMobile is available for download by users of smartphone categories including iOS and Android. Whether you’ve been a user of First Bank’s mobile banking or you’re just getting started, rest assured that this article will guide you on how to download FirstMobile and register as a user on the app.

FirstMobile: Download First Bank Mobile App & Start Internet ...
First Bank Mobile App –How To Register And Download The First Bank Mobile App

Notably, it is advisable that you download the First Bank mobile app from the app store authorized for your smartphone rather than receive it from another smartphone via Xender or Bluetooth. While doing the latter might give you a functional app, it unfortunately prevents you from receiving regular updates from First Bank.

How to Download and Register the First Bank Mobile App

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  • Having ascertained that your smartphone is on active Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, simply visit your smartphone’s app store such as iOS App Store or Google Play Store
  • Enter the “search” bar of your phone’s app store and input “FirstMobile App”
  • Doing the above should present you a list of apps
  • Scroll through these apps and try to locate the First Bank mobile banking app designed with the blue elephant logo
  • To start downloading the app, select the listed app with the blue elephant logo
  • Once the download is successful, wait for the app to completely install
  • Then, look for the installed app on your phone and simply launch it
  • If you haven’t been using mobile banking before, you’ll have to register by selecting the “new user register” option
  • On the emerging sign-up page, input your details –your ATM PIN and the number on your ATM card
  • Having correctly supplied your details, you may then tap the “next” button
  • However if you’re an existing user of First Bank mobile app, you’ll have to select “activate this device” after launching the installed app
  • Supply your details –your ATM PIN and your ATM number –as required
  • For account verification, First Bank will send you a text message bearing a one-time password (OTP)
  • Once you receive the OTP on your smartphone, copy it and then return to the app to paste the copied OTP in the required field (You’ll get an OTP via SMS for every of your First Bank mobile transactions)
  • Tap the “next” button after doing the above
  • The subsequent step is to input your m-pin code which is a 5-digit login PIN. It’s advisable that you use memorable digits as your login PIN herein simply because you’ll need to provide this PIN for your subsequent transactions
  • With that done, you should see two secret questions and answers you’re expected to enter
  • Then, tap the “next” button
  • On the subsequent page, you’ll be required to input a 4-digit security PIN that will be useful for transactions on the First Bank mobile app. Your 4-digit ATM code can be used in this case

So far, we have exposed you to how easy it is to download the First Bank Mobile app and register as a user. But if you need more information, endeavour to visit First Bank’s official website.

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