First Bank Cardless Withdrawal: Get Money without ATM Card

First Bank Of Nigeria

First Bank is no doubt one of the largest Banks in Nigeria, although not the eldest. It was established at Lagos State in the year 1979. Ever since, they have been solid as a rock, ever loyal to their customers and giving them a unique service entirely satisfactory as well.

It’s not a new fact that the ATM card has it’s advantages as well as its disadvantages, its disadvantages include the fact that it can be ineffective or can malfunction when you need money urgently.

In 2014, a major policy (cardless withdrawal policy) was initiated into the banking system across the country. This is to ease withdrawal irrespective of if you are with or without your ATM card. With the cardless policy, you can withdraw or transfer funds on an ATM without your ATM card

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The cardless withdrawal method is quite simple and has also been implemented by the first bank Nigeria. Of recent and upgrade in the banking system and experience of customers was adapted which involves withdrawing funds from your First Bank account on an ATM machine without the need of your ATM card.

Many have been stranded due to the ATM card policy but thank goodness this update has been made making the withdrawal of funds more flexible. Let’s get on to the main thing which is how you can perform a First Bank Cardless Withdrawal accurately without errors or mistakes.

You will be needing a few things to get started

  1. The amount you want to withdraw
  2. Your pay code which will be sent to your phone or email
  3. Your self generated OTP


The advantage of the cardless withdrawal is that it saves you the stress of moving about with your ATM card, it also saves you from the heartache of a malfunctioning ATM card.

How to make FirstBank Cardless Withdrawal

  • Bring out your mobile phone
  • Dial *848*Amount# (Do this with the registered phone number of your First Bank account)
  • A form will shown to you asking you to fill in your account details. Do so correctly
  • After that you’ll be asked to generate a PIN. Do so and ensure you don’t forget the pin because it’s very important for your withdrawal.
  • You will be sent an OTP on your mobile phone within few minutes.
  • Locate and head on to any dispensing First Bank ATM machine closest to you.
  • Enter the 4 digits pin you generated earlier with your mobile phone
  • Proceed by inputting the amount you want to withdraw (Ensure the amount tallies with what you typed on your mobile phone earlier because it’s too late to change it now)
  • Key in your phone number in the provided space on the ATM, then
  • Withdraw your funds.
Method II
  1. Simply dial 848amount# on the phone registered with your account
  2. A pop-up notification requesting for the details of your account will be displayed on your screen, be sure to fill in the details correctly
  3. Another pop-up notification asking you to generate your 4-digit one time password, ensure you generate it yourself, and write it down somewhere
  4. A paycode will be sent to the phone number or email connected to your account
  5. Visit any first bank cardless enabled ATM close to you
  6. Input your personal pin and select your cardless withdrawal method
  7. Input your 4-digit one time pin and paycode
  8. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, this must tally with the one you inputted before
  9. Wait for a while, as your account must be verified
  10. Cash is dispensed after verification is completed.

I hope you are able to withdraw your funds successfully with the above first bank cardless withdrawal processes. If you have further issues, you are welcome to use the comment section below the fold.

The first bank cardless withdrawal has definitely made a withdrawal of cash an easy process.


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