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Not everyone is familiar with Finlig Platform and not all know how to use their platform to create wealth for themselves.

With just a sum of N1000, you will be able to learn over 20+ high paying digital skills, and to top it up you can earn up to N25,000 weekly.


But How? That’s what I am about to show you in this article so ensure you read to the very end.

I am also a registered member of Finlig, learning, and as well as earning.

I so much fantasy wealth creation with every slight opportunity that comes my way and that’s why I took it upon my self to write this Finlig Review to assist and guide you on how to use Finlig to create another stream of incomes for yourself.

In this article you are going to learn the following.

  • What is Finlig
  • Who is the founder of Finlig
  • The Goal of Finlig
  • Interesting Facts about Finlig
  • How to Register on Finlig
  • How to make N25k weekly on Finlig
  • How to withdraw your money to your local bank.

That’s just an overview of what to expect on Mitrobe finlig review. So without wasting much ado let dive in.

What is Finlig

Finlig is an online learning and earning platform where anyone can learn digital & marketable skills all for just N1000 only.

Over 20+ digital marketing skills are available. Plus video tutorials.

The skills that are taught on Finlig are:

  • Graphics design,
  • 3D animations,
  • Text Animations,
  • Web development,
  • Video editing,
  • Logo creation,
  • Album promo visualizer,
  • Facebook marketing,
  • Instagram marketing,
  • Email marketing,
  • Bulk SMS marketing,
  • Mockups and a lot more.

With additional 20+ ebooks from experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Adam Smith and others.

Who is the Founder of Finlig

Finlig is a Nigerian platform founded by Olagide Philips a techprenuer (the chief executive of Pitxh Forth Solutions) and he says that.

Finlig is an idea that hopes to reach all African countries and spread to nations of the world. We had three students from UK who joined one of the classes during the lockdown. So the future is good and by God’s grace, we are there already. We have other features we are rolling out under Finlig umbrella such online store, Fintech and other amazing features.

Olajide Phillips

So that’s to say that the vision and mission of Finlig is a bright one, and for the fact it is a Nigerian made we all should take part of this blessing.

The Primary Goal Of Finlig

Meanwhile, the main purpose Olajide Phillips created Finlig was primarily for the purpose of Digital skill acquisition.

Olajide Phillips took a burden upon himself to train people on whatsapp on different digital skills such graphic design, 3D animation & whiteboard, on their smart phone, among others.

That can fetch them money during this Covid19 period and as time went on, the number of students grew to 700 people across 9 different WhatsApp groups,”

According to Olajide Phillips he said that:

After a while, it was becoming so stressful and demanding. People were joining from different states in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. One day, precisely May 20th, I was on my couch thinking of how to help students that are currently at home due to Covid-19. Then the Holy Spirit dropped the idea of Finlig into my mind,” he says

He was instructed to build a school portal and put all those training on the website and let everyone have access to them anywhere and anytime. And that was all,” he explains.

And that was how Olajide Phillips get to launch Finlig platform and made it accessible to all.

How To Register on Finlig

With these few step you will be able to create an account on Finlig for free

Step 1: Got to Finlig Registration , Fill your credentials, Register, make your payment and Login to your portal

Step 2: Select any of the courses e.g. graphic design and watch the tutorial over & over

Step 3: Download the app you need for that course on your smartphone

Step 4: Practice what you have learnt

Step 5: Practice and practice till you are sure you are good.

Step 6: Display your works on your, whatsapp status, social media etc and start receiving jobs

Step 7: Start making passive income from your skills by rendering paid services

Please Understand that:

The skills of a man wipes away poverty

Olajide Philips

Note. All the materials such as: Graphics, videos, books etc displayed on Finlig are design with smartphone, you can take a look at Finlig Website.

How to make Money On Finlig (N25,000 Weekly)

Do you know that you can also make money with Finlig as a registered students.

I have already given you a quota on how much you stand to make weekly on Finling, and I will show you just how…

Finglig Referal Commission

With finlig referral program you can make N25,000 weekly by referring others to take courses on Finlig with your referal link.

But for you to be able to get your referal link, you must be a fully registered students because the primary aim of Finlig is to groom you with digital skills, and not just make money through referring.

As a fully registered student of Finlig when you refer a friend, family or relative through your referal link to take a course on Finlig you earn 50% commission (N500) from the N1000 fee they pay.

Oh Gosh that a small money I guess, but have you taught like an enterprenuer.

For Instance What if in a period of 7 days (1 Week) you were able to refer 50 people to Register as a student on Finlig, How much will you earn?

Let do the mathematics together 50 X N500 = N25000 in a week

Now, What if you only referred 10 people in just a day? Let do the mathematics together.

10 X N500 = N5000 in a single day.

How do You get People To Register On Finlig.

I have showed you how to build wealth with Finlig, the ball is now on your court.

Are you going to grab this opportunity or let it slide away?

The choice is yours to make.

I understand the fact that many people find it hard to do this referal business stuff, but then remember the primary aim of Finlig is for you to learn high paying digital skills that can fetch you jobs online

You can even start doing freelancing online from the skills you have learnt on Finlig.

Interesting Facts About Finlig

  • All courses on Finlig are self explanatory. You don’t need anyone to be there physically with you.
  • Interestingly you don’t need a PC to learn any of the skills on FINLIG, all you need is your smartphone.
  • Courses are available in VIDEOS & PDF


In summary Finlig has provided the opportunity for all to learn skills worth thousands of money for just a Thousand Naira only.

Despite the facts that I am an old cargo on digital marketing I still enrolled because no man is an island of knowledge on it own.

I know for sure I will learn a new skill or acquire an additional knowledge to skills I already know.

This is a goldmine don’t let this opportunity slide away without benefiting from it.

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