Here is a detail guide on How to Generate Fake Bank Alerts In Nigeria By Fraudsters. Fake bank alerts also known as alert flashing is the process of using SMS messages that looks like transaction alerts from a bank to defraud unsuspecting victims.

Fake bank alert is real and very easy to pull out with different fake bank alert apps that are currently in existence. It is very easy to generate a fake bank alert and it requires the use of some simple tools over the internet.

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Fake bank alert SMS appears like real SMS from your bank, it shows you clearly that someone has sent money to your account by bearing your bank name and details just as it is with a real alert.

Fake bank alert apps are the different apps, tools or software for generating fake bank alerts in Nigeria, some of these apps can also increase your account balance having people believe that you are rich and also allows them to access the account. The following are some of the apps used in generating fake bank alerts and account balance in Nigeria.

    • flash fund app
    • Loftysms app.
    • Money prank pro app
    • Millionaire fake bank account pro
    • Fake alert maker for android

Flash Fund App

The flash fund app is a tool that helps to send fake bank alerts instantly to anyone without a trace. This tool is a powerful bank account hacking tool that allows hackers to perform fake bank alerts to people in a matter of minutes. It is one of the most popular fake bank alert apps on the internet today. The app is very easy to use and it takes up to 24 hours for the fake alert to disappear. All you need for flashing is the recipient’s account number you want to flash the cash into. This app is available in pc and mobile versions. This app works in the following way

  • Install The App: start by downloading the app from your app store and install it to your mobile phone or pc as it comes in two versions.
  • Register Your Detailed Information On The App: once the app is installed, you can proceed to enter of fill in all the requirements of the app by giving your details.
  • Flash The Account Or Fund: once you have completed the first two steps, all you need do is to instantly flash the account. Once you flash fund, the account holder will instantly receive a credit alert and the app also automatically adjust or increase the account balance just like that of the bank. Always remember when using this app that it will take up to 24hours long before the alert disappears.
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Loftysms app

Loftysms is another very powerful app that can be used to generate fake bank alerts in Nigeria. This app is a bulk sms fake alert sender that requires you to have the phone number of the account holder through which he or she gets alerts. Below are the steps involved in using loftysms app to generate fake bank alerts in Nigeria.

  • Launch the app and click or tap the sign up button as a new user
  • Enter your detailed information in the space provided including your name, username, email, county, and phone number
  • Confirm your email and login to your new loftysms account
  • Click or tap make payment from the next screen and add the amount of money you want to fund
  • Select or choose your preferred payment method and complete your payment
  • Go back to the home page and click or tap send sms
  • Enter your sms details and your sender ID will show to your recipient or account holder as the sender
  • Enter the customer’s phone number and compose the sms using the exact format of the client’s bank
  • Send your message to the recipient.

Money Prank Pro

Money prank pro is a new app that allows people to stimulate that they are rich by generating as much money as they wish into their accounts. This app has editable checking balance and savings balance that will show up in your main screen and help you trick your friends into believing you are rich. With this app, you can also change currency symbols based on your country’s currency. Money prank can be used to generate fake bank account balance in the following ways


  • Launch the app and sign up as a new user
  • Add balance and change transaction amount
  • Set currency and password.

Millionaire Fake Bank Account Pro

Millionaire fake bank account pro is an app that will make anyone look and feel like a real millionaire. This app can be downloaded and installed on android devices by everyone. This app is as real as a real bank app as the app has five (5) sections which includes

  • Account Details: in this section, you can simply access your account details and see or view your current account balance, last deposit amount and last withdrawn amount all which are totally fake
  • Fund Transfer: here, you will be able to pretend to transfer funds with your friends, family and any other online fund transfer service.
  • Credit Card or Debit Card Details: this section will allow you to access your fake credit card details, card number, card expiry date, card holder’s name and card cvc.
  • Pay Online Bills: here, you can make fake payments for online bills such as electricity bills, gas bills, phone bills, rent and any other bill.
  • Settings: in this section, you will be able to do a general setting of the app as well as rate the app and access other sections.
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Fake Alert Maker for Android

Fake alert maker apk is a highly rated fake bank alert application that can be downloaded and installed on android devices. This app is free and can be installed to an android from Google play.

Let us consider Fake Check Scams  and How To Identify, Avoid And Report Fake Check Scams In Nigeria

You must understand that People often fall prey to initiators of fake check scams not only in Nigeria but almost everywhere in the world. Undeniably, one of the reasons for this is that the supposedly deposited funds (through the check scams) may be available in the victim’s bank account. While the funds from a fake check might be available in your bank account, this doesn’t mean the check is legitimate as it usually takes banks longer periods to clear checks.

Business Scam

Small Business Scams | Cyber attacks | Tax rate fraud

The victims of this form of fake check scam are usually owners of small businesses. What happens here is that the scammer contacts the victim, trying to engage the victim’s service. Then, he’ll negotiate the price of the desired service with the victim. Once a price agreement is reached with the victim, the scammer then forwards a fake money order or cashier’s check to him. Afterwards, the scammer will lie to the victim that he shouldn’t have sent him the check. Simply, he’ll claim the check is for someone else and ask the victim to cash it and wire the difference to the supposedly intended recipient.

Overpayment Scam

This is an online-based check scam wherein the victim (who happens to be an online seller) is contacted by the scammer who falsifies as a potential buyer. The scammer may affect to be somebody willing to hire a facility or buy a listed product.

He likely indicates false interest in buying a vehicle or other large ticket item. Simply, he achieves his deceptive motive by forwarding a cashier’s check (bearing a larger amount than the price tag of the listed item) to the victim. He then requests that the victim wire the surplus amount to an agent, claiming that it will serve as the payment for shipping or taxation. This is how the scam works and upon sending the surplus amount, the victim finds out that he was sent a fake check. The bank declares the check worthless and subjects the victim to the payment of wired money.

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Foreign lottery

This is one of the effective fake check scams whose victims happen to be greedy individuals. In this scam, the victim is sent a fax, letter, or e-mail (or receives a call) stating that he/she is the winner of a foreign lottery and that a check will be sent to his/her mail. The scammer then sends the victim a cashier’s check which looks very formal. The victim is asked to deposit the check in a bank also ensuring a part of it is wired to a particular agent.

As usual, the scammer claims the part to be wired to the named agent will cover taxation or certain underlying fees. Sadly, the victim is usually tempted to wire back a certain part of the money because the scammer claims he must do so before he can be fully entitled to the prize promised.

Essential Tips for You to Avoid Fake Check Scams

Essential Tips for You to Avoid Fake Check Scams

  1. Do not believe in any prize entitlement coming from a foreign lottery. Foreign lotteries are usually scams. Don’t ever think you can win a lottery you never entered
  2. Don’t assume any cashier’s check is equivalent to cash. It takes thorough examination for your bank to consider a check legitimate and then clear it
  3. Don’t fall prey to unknown online buyers willing to pay more than your product’s listed price

Don’t ever wire money to unknown foreign buyers


I will simply conclude by saying that fake bank alert is unlawful, dangerous and causes pains to the recipient as it is deceitful. In my candid opinion, these apps should only be used for fun pranks and not to dupe or scam innocent and hardworking individuals who are unaware of the existence of these tools.

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